#CultureTravChat: Social Norms

social norms

As I’m typing this, I can see snow flurries from outside the window in New York City. It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and many people are getting ready for travel, or already on their way. It looks like it’ll be a snowy Thanksgiving for some around the USA.

While tomorrow is time for turkey, delicious sides and family with Thanksgiving, it’s also time again for #CultureTravChat! Take a break from cooking, and join the chat!

This week’s topic is Social Norms. I’d love to hear your perspectives in this week’s chat. If you’re looking for ideas or need a short “refresher” of social norms in different countries, check out these guides.


Thursday, November 27

2:00 – 3:00 pm ET (NY)

Hashtag: #CultureTravChat

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Prep for the Chat: 

Here are the questions for this week’s topic: Social Norms

Q1: How do you define social norms? #CultureTravChat
Q2: Share a (funny/interesting/awkward) story of you experiencing a new social norm (greeting, eating, personal space). #CultureTravChat
Q3: What’s the weirdest social norm you’ve dealt with? #CultureTravChat
Q4: Have you picked up any social norms different from your own? #CultureTravChat
Q6: How would you approach dealing with social norms in another country? #CultureTravChat
Q5: Do you read about social norms before traveling? #CultureTravChat
Q7: Did you ever teach someone about your social norms? How? #CultureTravChat
Q8: Do you think some social norms are unfairly criticized? Why? #CultureTravChat

I’m looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow!

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