Guest Blogging

guest blogging

Interested in guest blogging on We welcome your ideas!
Here are some considerations:

  • Please keep in mind that the main focus of the post should be about local culture and exploring this closely through travels. I am open to ideas, but will not accept “10 top things to do in X city or country” types of posts, because I’d love to hear about your personal experiences of travel.
  • I will only accept original posts that have not been published elsewhere.
  • As a general guideline, posts should at minimum be 600 words. I don’t believe in a strict maximum word count, as long as the post conveys everything you intend it to.
  • Please do share original photos or videos for your post!

Some inspiration:

  • What is it like to travel somewhere where you barely speak the language?
  • How do you explore a local culture?
  • Ever encountered an embarrassing situation while abroad? How did you cope?
  • Dealt with culture shock? How did you overcome it?
  • Share a story about interesting locals you met during your travels?
  • What interesting meals have you tried?
  • How do you immerse yourself in the local culture if you have limited time to visit a country?

The Submission Process

Please use the contact form to share an idea.

  1. Provide an intro. If you are new to, please briefly introduce yourself, and mention what topic you’re interested in writing about.
  2. Outline your idea. You don’t have to have a proposed title or a full post ready when you suggest the topic idea, but do let me know specifically what you have in mind (you can use bullet points to outline).  
  3. Submit your post. Once I’ve accepted your post, please share a Word document, a bio with your blog link and two social media links, and clearly labeled photos/videos for the post.