Chaos, Delight and Culture in Morocco

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Today’s Culture with Travel post is by Maria Bella

A blazing breeze was touching my cheeks slowly, as I felt free in my life for the very first time. My life had felt chaotic—running after dreams, living in routine.

Now, I was in the mountains, it was getting dark, and we were coming back from a trekking and camping experience in the Atlas Mountains. This sense of freedom was beyond anything I’d ever experienced. I was tired of dealing with the chaos. This trek brought peace to my life and allowed me to hear my own voice; a voice that had been lost in pleasing others.  

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Let’s start from the beginning: I am quite picky and choosy when it comes to fun. People may have perceptions that laughing or smiling all the time means being happy. Not for me. For me, it’s feeling everything in-depth that I consider to be fun. I weigh every feeling and let my soul follow.

Coming to Marrakech was a quick decision. I was told not to plan for it, but I planned my dream holidays to Morocco. In Marrakech, there is so much culture but also thrilling adventure. Its people, the medinas (even with the haggling), and an amazing nightlife: life at its best. 

A thrilling trekking experience

Imlil was our starting point in trekking to the Atlas Mountains. Our guide dropped us off at a nearby shop and offered us tea. When in Morocco, you can’t and shouldn’t refuse hospitality. The tea was delicious (although I’ve always preferred tea I make myself).

Our day was bright, and the weather was just perfect. On this two-day trek, life was beautiful—we talked, we sing, we pinched each other as we trekked along and then reached a town somewhere in a middle of Atlas Mountains to admire the stunning beauty of Toubkal mountain. This wasn’t an easy trek—people tell you to enjoy your surroundings, but we had to carefully watch each step and look down. 

Camping in Morocco

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Reaching up to another small town, we camped overnight. There was music, a bonfire and a silent sky. I was not alone but I felt solitude in that particular moment. I starting having more questions about life: these moments are very rare in life when you’re able to feel the place. I was happy being silent.

The next day, the sun was shining brightly as trekked further. After a few hours, we reached the summit of Toubkal mountain. If you’ve ever trekked on a mountain, do one thing: open up your arms, close your eyes and just feel the ambience. It almost feels like heaven for your soul.

After enjoying a successful trek, we started our descent. I felt a breeze that to me was a clear message to embrace the calmness. 

By the time we got back, everyone was tired, so we rested in the hotel. Everybody was sleepy, but I felt very much awake. I felt like a new person who had started a new life.

It was a magical journey. My advice? Plan your holidays, live every moment, let go of the chaos you’re holding within and let it make a way of light into your soul. Life is about uncertainties but you choose your own happiness. 

Maria lives in London, and is a traveler and freelance writer. 

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  1. Good to know about not refusing hospitality in Morocco Maria. Thing rings true in the Middle East. Me and my wife are heading to Oman soon; we were told similar. Accept hospitality. Excellent post.

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