World’s Must-See National Parks – Infographic

Today’s Culture with Travel post is by Helen

Travel is such a wonderful experience – it opens the mind; it encourages you to see things from different perspectives and of course, it allows you to view the amazing planet that we live on and to see creatures, plants, flowers that we wouldn’t normally encounter in our own areas.

National parks are something that see visits from millions of people annually; some are free to explore while others might require a nominal fee to enter.

Originally, the first national park that we know of was established in the USA, specifically at Yellowstone (predominantly based in Wyoming state) in 1872. Since then, there have been many national parks established all over the world, each with a myriad of things to see and experience. Flora and fauna specific to that area thrive in these environments and there are very specific rules governing the public’s access and use of national parks.

Staff man these areas to ensure that the environment is monitored and that residents, be that animals, birds, insects, plants and flowers are not disturbed or interfered with in any way. These parks vary hugely in size with many expanding over thousands of miles/kilometers and it might not be possible for visitors to explore the entirety of the area but the space is there for the flora and fauna to continue their existence happily.

This infographic from Ireland Walk Hike Bike is a nice go-to guide for anyone who wishes to create a list of national parks they would like to see in their lifetime. It documents a national park in each continent and also indicates some fascinating facts and data along the way.

Check out the infographic below, and get started on creating your national park travel bucket list. Which national parks have you visited in the world? Which are still on your list to explore? national parks

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