An Update from Waku

Today’s Culture with Travel guest post is by Sofía Estrella from Waku. We recently interviewed the founder of Waku, ahead of their fundraising campaign.  

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, there are amazing things that have been happening in Waku!

Waku is a Boston-based startup that has been available in the Boston market since October 2017. We are working to innovate in the health and wellness community.

First, we developed a new and fresh SKU, and in March 2018, we launched Waku unsweetened, which is the same delicious, fruity and aromatic flavor of the original version, but with zero added sweeteners.

Additionally, we are currently developing two new products with a delicious and refreshing flavor; stay tuned for updates!

Waku unsweetened
Waku unsweetened

Also, our team has grown! We started with just 3 people on our team and now we are 6!

Three new members joined the Waku family – Jenn Tormey joined us as a part time sales rep, Josh Sui joined us as our operation intern, and Vale Torres as our creative director.

We are very happy because we enjoy sharing our journey with a team of passionate young people from different parts of the world, like Ecuador, the U.S., and China. We are proud to say we have been able to build a very diverse group – half of it is men and the other half is women. Leading a team like Waku definitely is our top motivation.

Moreover, we grew in number of stores, Waku is available in 45+ stores in Massachusetts. Find the stores HERE.

One of our most important achievements, was signing up a distribution partnership with a Boston distribution company. We have partnered with Shirazi Distributing to expand our footprint in the Greater Boston Area.

We also decided to change our label and rebrand our product. After thousands of interactions with stores and consumers, we realized that we needed a fresh and new look for our packaging. We are excited about our new labels, as they show everything we have learned from the market, but still keep our authenticity. We suspect the branding will continue to evolve, as we keep learning from our customers.

We are very happy because the feedback we have been getting – both from stores and consumers – is really positive, and we are excited to continue to grow. Some of our customers are calling Waku “the best tasting and most refreshing drink in Boston.”  This is definitely motivating our team to keep working hard for sharing unique products with more and more American consumers.

We love thinking ahead, we have big expectations for the future, we have been consistently growing our revenues in the past months and we are currently raising a seed round of capital to continue to support our growth.

We will be launching two more SKUs during the summer and we will continue to focus on building our brand and our distribution in the Boston area.  

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