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Today’s Culture with Travel interview is with Janvier Cyubahiro, managing director of A Step Into Nature tours. 

What inspired the creation of A Step into Nature tours? Share a bit about your own entrepreneurial journey.

I didn’t know a single thing about organizing or leading tours. After my education in computer science, I could hardly have dreamt about a career in tourism and instead wanted to become a software developer. But after meeting with different tourists when I was working with a hotel in Kigali that accommodates a large numbers of tourists, I became interested. It was a friend who is a tourism manager of a famous tour company in Rwanda that inspired me to become a tour guide.

janvier cyubahiro of a step into nature tours
Janvier Cyubahiro of A Step Into Nature Tours

Shortly after I became interested, I got a chance to attend a tour guide training in Uganda which boosted my desire and commitment to this career. As the owner and operator of A Step into Nature Tours, I have realized my dream of being in the tourism industry, and I am growing more and more and getting great feedback from my clients.

The entrepreneurial journey has been great so far due to the increased number of clients traveling with us – not only for business but also relaxation – and we’ve hired more employees and travel agents. Although the journey was tough at the beginning since the company’s existence was only known to a few, as we’ve gotten more clients, it’s been growing and getting better.

Tell us about your tours. What makes your tours unique?

A Step into Nature Tours offers guided unique tours across East Africa. We specialize in primate safaris in Rwanda and Uganda, cultural safaris, mountain climbing, bird- watching, city tours, and also offer tailor-made and safari upon request tours. These tours include luxury and budget tours, group safaris, family trips, and trips for honeymoon travelers.

a step into nature primate tour
Photo by Janvier Cyubahiro for A Step Into Nature primate tour

Meeting the clients’ needs is our top priority. We let our clients know what to expect from the experience and ask them about what they desire from us to create unforgettable experience for them. We create affordable tours with less hassle!

The itineraries are designed to be unique with flexibility for our customers. We make sure to offer enough free time on the itinerary, and also the opportunity to opt out of part of the itinerary for the tours to be beyond unique.

a step into nature tours
A Step Into Nature custom tours

What advice would you give others who aspire to launch a travel-related company?

You need to be able to sell your vision. This requires a wholehearted belief in what you do. Try to maintain the quality that makes your company special, plan and research each tour in detail, to maintain high standards. And, if you don’t have passion for the tourism industry, then starting your own tour company probably isn’t the right move.

Why do you personally love to travel? 

Travel is a very worthy endeavor that everyone should have the opportunity to try. I love experiencing new things and pushing my limits. Traveling is a new adventure and often a challenge. I learn more about myself, different cultures in the the world, and I would not trade the experiences I’ve had for anything. But mostly, it offers me opportunities to meet new people, that I otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to connect with.

Share a story (or two) about trips that have had a lasting impact on you.

Janvier in London
Janvier Cyubahiro in London

My trip to UK last year of one of the best of the trips I have ever had. London is a place of endless possibilities. The people are so hospitable in West Croydon and accommodating in all ways of life. I really felt at home.

As a travel entrepreneur, what mark are you hoping to leave in the world?

A mark of love, passion and honesty. I want to live a life to the fullest that inspires.

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