My Adventures: Surviving on $100 for 5 Days in Utah


Today’s Culture with Travel post is by Emma Rundle

Since my childhood, I have been delighted by traveling. No matter what adventures you have, distant voyages or local trips here in the US, it’s always exciting and interesting to explore new places and cultures. I can hardly imagine an unadventurous journey! Even now, when I am an adult I’m longing for a great adventure.

Let me tell you a story about my last road trip to Utah…

Being an undergraduate, I had neither time nor money to fulfill my dream to see as much sightseeing as possible to see in Utah. Imagine, I had only 100 dollars to spare for my trip! I didn’t care how I would survive as traveling is worth taking chances. Looks strange, but I decided to make a journey with my friend having only 5 days ahead and $100. I had only one day for preparations: to get my stuff together and look for some Utah trip planner over the Internet as I knew nothing about the places I could visit.

Here are the most exciting places I managed to visit in Utah:

I will start with abandoned places in Utah. What attracts me to these places everywhere is a sense of history. I was lucky as Utah is really rich for abandoned areas located near Helper, Thistle, Cisco, and other cities. I have come to Latuda with my friend. We got to know that it was a small coal mining town. People say that in 1927 several avalanches killed most of the residents. The place is a real ghost town as there is a legend about a ghost, a mother of a kid who was killed in 1927. This area is a good place to visit for those who are fond of mystery and scary legends.

utah at night

Another place we chose was Hobbitville, a think out a place that is inhabited by hobbits. Its real location is Allen Park which is situated near the Westminster University in Salt Lake City. A lot of tourists come here to see little people. As the legend says, you have to run through the street where hobbits live at night to be caught by them and locked in their cages. That’s why many young people come here for fun and adrenaline buzz. My friend and I trusted the words of the legend! What was our surprise when the residents of Hobbitville yelled at us. Lots of tourists disturb them regularly!

What a Utah trip without Utah national parks tour. It was my dear dream to visit the parks and see their strength and might. Of course, it’s impossible to visit all the parks having only $100 in the pocket that’s why we have decided to visit Arches National Park. Stone arches with the highest density in the globe! Just imagine – 120 miles. We couldn’t afford lunch at a well-known Ray’s Tavern, but the local food trucks were great. I admired the beauty of arches and thought it was worth going to such a risky road trip without having enough money and time.

Next time, I will plan to visit all national parks in Utah, visit Salt Lake City to see its famous Mormon church, to communicate with people living there to know more about the local culture. I will plan my journey carefully and currently I recommend you to put off all doubts and fears and start traveling together with your friend, kids, and loved ones.

Emma Rundle is currently working for as a professional writer and a travel blogger. She is passionate about road trips along the states. New places and challenges attract her. She writes about the most interesting places she managed to visit together with her family and friends. Besides, Emma plans to visit different countries of the world to tell her readers about diverse cultures and traditions. She is longing for the next trip to write about and inspire you.

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