Balancing a Travpreneur Lifestyle with Student Debt

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Today’s Culture with Travel post is by Leigh Marcos

Having student debt hanging around your neck is no fun; it follows you everywhere no matter how much you try and shake it off. On the other hand, traveling can be so much fun whether it’s working from your beach hut in Thailand to spending time in a small town in Germany. The mastery is how to combine the two flip sides of the coin to make a feasible way of earning a living and paying off a debt simultaneously.

A quick search online will bombard you with countless blog posts on how you can quit your job and live the nomadic lifestyle many of us so crave. However, if you’ve got the issue of paying off huge student loans each month, it doesn’t seem that easy to simply walk out of your job and start your new life as a travpreneur. That takes courage, but despite the obstacles it’s certainly not impossible to create a consistent income and free yourself of your debts.

Are you a freelancer?

Prioritizing your skills and where the best place is to capitalize on them is one of the first decisions you have to make. You might find it more profitable to create your own client base through networking on websites geared towards your professional skills and planning ahead to do this should be an essential part of your plan. Many travpreneurs live a good life from freelancing and there are plenty of start up opportunities and co-working communities to get involved in. However, the downside to this is that your income can dramatically fluctuate from month to month. With this in mind, saving extra cash during the more productive months will cover your monthly installments when times are hard and help youmanage your student loan debt.

Take on a permanent contract

Alternatively, the freelancing way of earning might not be for you so consider applying for jobs that offer a long term contract. By having regular work with a monthly income, you’ll know exactly how much you can afford to pay off your student debt, and how much you’ll have to spend enjoying yourself in a new country. Similarly, the upside to accepting a consistent income means that you’re not spending money bouncing around from place to place, using up your hard earned cash on traveling expenses.Networking through social mediais equally important even if you want to take on a permanent job as these are the very people to make contact with who have already been through what you’re about to embark on.

Do your research and work out which employment opportunities suit your skill set best. You can’t take away the fact that your student debt has to be paid off, no matter how much couch-surfing or budgeting you do. It takes time to build up a steady income and be free of your debts so the earlier you start planning, the easier the challenges will be to overcome and the more rewards will come your way.

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