Exploring Royal Residences in the UK

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Today’s Culture with Travel post is by Georgia Davies

Each and every kid is raised listening to fairy tales through generations. And, many of us have fantasized about being a king or queen ruling our kingdom at one point during our childhood. And then amidst our mundane daily life, the dream has been lost but don’t we all still have the lurking desire to glance into the mysterious royal life and fortresses?

It is not that difficult to achieve that little rub of royalty. The UK has some amazing exemplary classic Royal palaces and castles. They have this archetypal regal aura around them. These palaces have witnessed millions of events and uphold several stories over the decades varying from the crowning ceremonies, jovial weddings and birth of monarchs. Ancient history also states these kingly abodes are the silent spectators of many massacres & assassinations.

Few of the palaces are also known for the mystical spooky happenings even at present, evincing the episode of history.

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But the calm, unwavering, majestic aspect of these palaces appeals to millions of people around the globe who visit these mansions each and every year.

It its infographic, Royal Residences by Money Pod features the top stately residences in the UK. The infographic also lists information about suitable time to visit these places and about the fees needed to be spent for a visit.  The infographic also peeks into the spectacles that can be expected during a tour.

Go ahead and plan your expedition to relish the grandeur of an aristocrat and monarch’s life. Its guaranteed that you will return with some unforgettable memories from these royal destinations.

Have you visited one or more of the UK’s royal residences? Would you like to visit? Which one(s) are still on your list? Share a story about it in the comments! 

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