Christmas Without a Christmas Tree

Today’s Culture with Travel guest post is by Paul Calderon

Christmas Without a Christmas Tree: How to Celebrate the Holiday in Thailand?

With all the fun and excitement, Christmas can be a stressful and tiring time of the year. But, the winter holidays are also a great time to run away from stress and set off on a journey. A holiday in Thailand will gift you a breath of fresh air and a fantastic time. Find out why Thailand is a destination to head to and what Christmas in Thailand looks like.

White Christmas Without Snow

Creative Commons Sunset – Ko Lanta / Thailand” by Rushen is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Photo Owner: Thai National Parks Link:

No doubt, Thailand is not in a snowy part of the world. But flying from a cold country, I was happy to step on the warm sandy beach. All you need to bring to Thailand to stay comfortable are slippers and a bathing suit. Rainy season in the country lasts from September till December, but that doesn’t mean it is raining constantly. There are days and weeks in the season when the weather is sunny and warm.

Of course, you won’t find snow in this country, but I guarantee you will come across white beaches, which will make you experience warm white Christmas.

Holiday mood

Many people say they cannot feel the spirit of Christmas in warm countries. But, festive decorations and ornaments can get you in holiday mood whenever you are. However, Thais do not celebrate the birth of Jesus; they have everything covered for tourists. Every mall in Bangkok is full of decorations for the winter holidays. Even hotels and cafes are shining and glowing. You can easily get yourself a Christmas tree and place it in your suite.

Magnificent landscapes

Creative Commons Beach” by Michaela Loheit is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Nature is splendid in Thailand. I didn’t see snow-covered streets in this country but was amazed by the beauty of mist-covered mountains and the beauty of the Indian ocean. National parks are a must visit. Local guides and instructors are working non-stop on winter holidays to help tourists get acquainted with rock climbing and rafting.

Stunning beaches in Thailand

christmas on the beach
Creative Commons On the Rocks” by mike behnken is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Beaches are another attraction of Thailand. White soft sand and clear turquoise water won my heart. There are calm and quiet beaches, as well as loud beaches for partying. The last ones will be perfect for a wild Christmas celebration. I decided to spend Christmas day in Thailand on the beautiful and quiet Koh Phi Phi Island and relax while watching the sun go down.

Traditional festive treats

Coming to Thailand, I was sure I would not try any classic Christmas dinner there. But, this country surprised me. Exploring Bangkok, I came across several restaurants that served a holiday meal. But some locals told me there weren’t lots of restaurants, which offered festive treats in smaller cities of the country. In the hotel, where I stayed, I was offered a traditional Christmas dinner, which was included in the price. Their roast chicken tasted delicious.

Celebrations you can afford
It can be expensive going to Thailand, but the prices are low in the country. Food, drink, gifts and even activities are very affordable for tourists. I didn’t limit myself and still didn’t spend a lot of money. With a wide choice of accommodation, it was easy to find a comfortable and cozy hotel to stay in. Celebrations at home can be more expensive than spending the holidays in Thailand. Anyway, these experience and emotions are worth the money.

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