How Transplanted Los Angeles Residents Watch Their Hometown Football Teams & ‘Miss’ The Cold Weather

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Today’s Culture with Travel post is by Kevin Wilkerson, Culture With Travel California Blogger

It’s football season in America, and in Los Angeles that means it’s time for the transplanted residents from the Midwest and Northeast to don their hometown team’s jerseys and go to designated sports bars to watch the games.

Once there, they do each team’s unique cheers, high-five the good plays, moan about the bad ones and in general act as if they were actually at the game.

And they also complain about the fall and winter weather in Los Angeles.


On TV, frost is blowing out of the players’ mouths and fans in the stands are dressed like Eskimos. The wind is blowing and snow is dancing in front of the screen, if not piled up in the back of the end zones by snowplows.

In Los Angeles, It’s 70 degrees and sunny.

When quizzed about this, everyone always says the same thing, whether or not they just moved here or have been in Los Angeles for 10 or more years: “I miss the seasons.”

Midwesterners are particularly persistent about this point. They know it’s fall when the leaves change and the temperature begins to make a decent like so many of their teams’ fortunes, it’s winter when the ground become white with snow and the roads a slushy mess, that it’s spring when all that begins to thaw and the birds begin to sing, and summer when the heat, humidity and bugs make seeking indoor shelter and air conditioning a priority.

In Los Angeles, it’s still 70 degrees and sunny.

I always find the transplants’ football season comments funny. That’s because as they are complaining about the lack of seasons in California, they are watching the games wearing shorts and flip-flops while their hometown buddies are bundled up and freezing in the stadium.

Whenever I point this out to them, they crack a smile, let out a laugh and confess, “yeah, okay, it really IS better here!”

Kevin Wilkerson is a freelance writer who publishes the travel and nightlife blog

2 thoughts on “How Transplanted Los Angeles Residents Watch Their Hometown Football Teams & ‘Miss’ The Cold Weather

  1. As a New Englander I have learned to love the cold! Winter is fun, sledding, skiing, hiking.. even football games in the snow! I would of course like to visit California for a mid winter warm up though:)

  2. Cool stuff, Kevin. As you know, I went to USC and lived in California for about 15 years. I can cry here in Virginia when it is below 50 degrees and say that I miss the seasons in Southern California. OTOH, I think the absolutely coldest I have been in my life was after standing in 45 degrees and rainy weather watching a USC-ND game in the Coliseum.

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