CurioCities Quiz: Guess 100 Cities

curiocities quiz by parcelhero

Today’s Culture with Travel guest post is by Keegan Spindler from

If we were to show you a picture of, say, a cow covered in moss, would your first thought be of a city? What about a demon in a sink, or a hairy man with his chest on show? We here at ParcelHero found out that our answer was yes, and so we did the only reasonable thing we could. We made a quiz. CurioCities is our cities quiz, made up of 100 destinations that we, as international couriers know well.

But to make things a little more fiendish, we took those cities and made them into something completely different; one large image full of tricky clues that lead to some of our favorite destination. Have no fear though. Here at ParcelHero HQ we love some clever wordplay, so all you have to do to work out where we’re talking about is say what you see.

Here’s one for free (though it’s not really on our quiz). If we had put Glasgow into our quiz image, we’d probably have represented it with an empty glass next to a green traffic light. Glass, go, get it? It might not be the first thing you try, but think a little laterally and the answer will present itself.

That’s still tough, we know, so here’s another hint for you. 99 of the 100 clues are for cities that are home to more than 100,000 people. As for the last clue, well, we had to make sure it was extra fiendish to get the full hand.

If you manage it though, you’ll be welcomed into an exclusive 100 Club, where the names of the clever clogs who managed to work out all 100 cities in our quiz are recorded. It’s a short list, so you’ll be in prestigious company.

So, how about it? Want to give our fiendishly fun quiz a go? All you need to do is visit, and start guessing.

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