Is Cornwall the Next Dog-Friendly Destination?

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Having a furry member as part of the family is one of the greatest joys in life. However, when it comes to traveling, pets are often the last ones to join us on our holidays. The main issue is that many dog owners don’t know where you can actually take them for a comfortable holiday. There are a great variety of destinations to bring your pet, but Cornwall is fast becoming of the best pet-friendly places to visit.

How has Cornwall become the next dog-friendly destination?

In a recent poll on, nearly 9 out of 10 people brought their dogs on a holiday in the UK last year. Aside from the emotional factor, it has also been considered as a smart financial decision as 20% of tourists claim to have spent less than £1 a night for their dogs in comparison to the high costs of a boarding kennel.

how cornwall is a dog-friendly destination
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Visiting Cornwall

Stretched for miles of stunning beaches, activities, delicious food, and picturesque gardens, Cornwall is something that might have been the root of a fairy tale. Cornwall is an offbeat region where you can get away from the pollution and large crowds – despite its recent popularity among tourists. The county’s appeal offers a variety of things to do from the coolest surfing coastlines and most acclaimed restaurants for you and your dog to explore.

Plenty of Dog Opportunities

By exploring the county of Cornwall, you will find plenty of accommodation options as well as pet activities, dog walks, and even the best beaches that welcome dogs all year-round. You can also contact your accommodation provider and say about their recommendations for your pet.

Pet-Friendly Places to Explore

Frankly, dogs love to spend time in Cornwall just as much as Cornwall loves dogs. There are miles of long sandy beaches to run on. Cornwall has acres of moorland to explore, and there are a handful of dog-friendly pubs and restaurants to enjoy. Just be sure to enquire about the permitted areas first. While there are over 300 beaches around Cornwell that are open to dogs, some are restricted during the summer season.

If you are planning to travel to Cornwall with your dog, be sure to confirm arrangements with your accommodation provider. Consider what you can do with your pet while visiting the area and how you can make your trip the most pet-friendly vacation possible.

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