The World’s Most Wheelchair-Friendly Destinations

Today’s Culture with Travel guest post is by Michael Leavy of Home Healthcare Adaptations, a family-run company based in Ireland that specializes in adapting homes for the elderly and less abled

On every continent, you’ll find natural and human-made wonders so awe-inspiring that they deserve to at least be in consideration for travel plans. Finding the time and the resources to visit them all is near-impossible, but it’s certainly worth ticking off a few that catch your attention. Travelling is likely to be much more difficult for people with disabilities, but thankfully there are many tourist attractions across the world which invest no shortage of effort into accommodating disabled visitors.

A select few raise the bar in terms of wheelchair-friendliness, including world-famous sites such as Disney World in Orlando and Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia. The former might not seem like an ideal travel destination for visitors in wheelchairs, but its parks are quite spacious and the staff is exceptional in their treatment of disabled visitors. The latter invites tourists in wheelchairs to skip queues and enter free of charge, a tremendous gesture which, allied with the spectacular nature of Sagrada Familia itself, copper-fastens its reputation as a first-class tourist destination.

People in wheelchairs may find it tough to travel at times, but at least there are magnificent visitor attractions doing their utmost to make the experience as comfortable for them as it is for able-bodied tourists.

The interactive story map from Home Healthcare Adaptations (below) profiles nine of the most wheelchair-friendly tourist attractions in the world, so if you or someone in your family is looking for an accessible place to visit on holidays, these suggestions are worth taking on board.

Do you or a family member travel to wheelchair-friendly destinations? Where did you have the most friendly experiences? Share about your travels in the comments.

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