Vacations Are a Must: Proven Reasons for More Time Off

Today’s guest post on Culture With Travel is by Kaylee White

What are your favorite things when you travel to a new place? Do you love jumping right in to the food, exploring locally owned markets and restaurants to discover the real cuisine of an area? Or perhaps you try to improve your language skills, immersing yourself in key words and phrases so you can better understand the people who live in that place for their whole lives. You also may steep yourself in the cultural norms and history of a place so that you come away with a better understand of how a people came to be and what governs their existence.

All of those things are worthwhile pursuits when you travel, but none of them will happen if you don’t actually take a vacation. And that problem is afflicting a bigger and bigger section of the American workforce. How can you remedy this and take the vacations that change your life? This graphic has some ideas.

How often do you take vacations? Would you travel more if time were not an issue, or you do vacation a lot? Share a tip in the comments.

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