Explore 7 Beautiful Golf Courses in Ontario, Canada

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Canada has been known for decades for having beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and incredible people with friendly attitudes populating their gorgeous land. Ontario is a popular vacation spot for those looking to flee their mundane lives and enjoy the relaxing countryside and enjoy their leisure time with fun hobbies, such as golfing.

If you’re taking a trip to Canada or ever find yourself looking for fun in the Ontario area, check out these seven amazing spots to golf!

  1.       Beacon Hall Golf Club

Head over to the website beaconhall.com to see what we mean by beautiful courses and amazing scenery. It’s a membership exclusive club, so the locals and Canadian natives are who get the most out the club, but if you’re coming for a season or have family there, visiting and the experience the Beacon Hall Golf Club would be amazing!

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  1.       St. George’s Golf & Country Club

One of Canada’s best courses, the St. George’s Golf & Country Club has been highly reviewed and loved by all who venture into the green. It’s received praise from editors and golf architects alike, all finding the sleek design and gorgeous views at the club priceless.

  1.       Whispering Lakes Golf Course

Tree-lined courses and flat terrain make a beautiful, lush area and clear, glimmering water accents the greens. These courses are more traditional and simplistic than newer, bolder concepts, but still, offers up a relaxing way to get exercise and enjoy an important hobby with family and friends.

  1.       Trillium Wood Golf Club

As their website suggestions, the “magnificent scenery” has made this course one of the best that Ontario has to offer.  With an academy,  events, and great packages giving the Trillium Wood Golf Club your time is a great way to spend a few hours on a trip. Getting to enjoy Canada from the green is arguably one of the easiest ways to start feeling at home.

  1.       Osprey Valley Golf

Design by the famous Doug Carrick, these courses are full of scenic routes, elevated greens, and matured treelines that give off a beautiful, picturesque feel as if you leaped from the pages of a book or the screen of a movie into a reality of wonder. Relaxation, enjoyment, and fun hasn’t come this easily to golfers until Ontario welcomed the flawless courses at Osprey Valley.

  1.       Glen Abbey Golf Club

As the list continues, we get into the more intimate, private, low-key golf courses that you can find in Ontario. Of these kinds, the Glen Abbey Golf Club is exquisite, and hosts events like weddings. Beautiful greens, amazing scenery, and even delicious food are offered through the club, so you’ll enjoy your time there!

  1.       Sand Point Golf Course

Overlooking the Ottawa River is the Sand Point golf coursed, paired up delightfully with The Greenside Tavern. Together, the two create a fun activity and dining experience that will heighten your stay in Canada and make it to the list of highlights of your trip. Ontario is proud to be their hosts, and you’ll fit right in with the friendly folk who enjoy some golf on the gorgeous green!

It doesn’t end here. Ontario, as well as the other provinces of Canada, offer amazing courses and great clubs for unique, pleasant golfing experiences. You may not be visiting Canada for the golfing scene, but you can certainly get involved with it during your stay. The adventure only begins with these locations, so use these courses as a starting block and look into others near your area where you’ll be visiting.

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