Interviewing Travelpreneur Prachi Garg About SuperCouples


We recently interviewed Prachi Garg, traveler and author. Her new book, SuperCouples, tells the stories of “couple-preneurs.”

Here’s our interview with Prachi:

Tell us what inspired your latest book, Supercouples?

“Running a successful business with your soul mate has always been idyllic and intriguing for me. I always used to wonder how the couples keep a pace between their personal and professional lives, especially when they are together all the time and can determine their mutual career destinies instead of spending many hours apart working for someone else,” said Garg. “This inspired me to speak to these wonderful couples across India, who planned to be “partners in crime” in everything and wanted to build a meaningful life together by co-creating something that brings joy and fulfillment. However, this interaction through their journeys brought some key takeaways for successful partnership, that I thought to write down here.”
How do you define “supercouples”? 
“Supercouples is my latest non-fiction book that talks about the life stories of couples who chose to be co-founders, too. The book explains the twists and turns in their marriage, while they chose to focus on building startups together.”
Are any of stories in the book about couple-preneurs focused on travel?
“Yes, I captured the story of founders of Artologue – Meenakshi Jey & Jey Sushil. This wonderful couple travels to paint. Wherever, they go, they spread happiness by painting. Artologue is a display of the exemplary spirit of life that fills all our canvases with colors. Meenakshi is an ardent lover of art, whereas Jey was a travel writer, and they chose to combine their interests to form Artologue.”
What lessons do you think others can learn from these supercouples? 
“There are several takeaways that I think are important to highlight for couples who plan to start something together.”
  1. Be on the same page. Keen alignment and a shared vision are the keys to success for any business. Though couples share a level of intimacy and friendship, it is important that they are aligned on their career vision and their life goals, too. Because only then will both of them be able to do justice with the enterprise.”
  2. “Define your roles and responsibilities. Since the line between personal and business can get blurred, it is important to define roles and responsibilities. In most of the interactions, I realized that division of roles had a great impact in making their partnership a successful one. If one of them is managing operations, then the other half would manage marketing. This not only avoids day-to-day conflicts, but also empowers both of their decision-making power. This has brought out the best in them, and also saved them from stepping into the other’s shoes.”
  3. “Maintain work-life (and love) balance. It is very important to keep a check on how your business decisions are impacting your personal life. Either they can do wonders or wreck everything. I came across many such examples during these interactions. So my two cents here would be to keep experimenting to see what works well for you as a couple, and how a decision can reinforce your love for each other.”
  4. “Be kind, understanding and respectful. It is very important to make sure that both of you respect each other. Their lives are intertwined, which can lead to some conflicts. It is important to handle them respectfully and keeping each other’s priorities in mind.”
Which lessons have you learned as an entrepreneur that you wish to share with others?
“Be passionate about your dreams. Have full faith in yourself,” noted Garg. “There will be moments, when people will try to bring you down, but do not lose hope. Just keep on moving!”
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Author Bio: Prachi Garg is the founder of @ghoomophiro, a traveler, a writer and a foodie. Learn more about Prachi on her site,

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