Announcing Wanderful’s Homeshare Program For Women

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I learned about Wanderful a few years ago. After moving to New York from Boston, I was eager to meet new friends. While I’d joined and attended a lot of interesting events, I hadn’t yet found a group of travelers to really connect with. One night, a friend I’d recently made through a mutual college acquaintance suggested I check out Wanderful and the upcoming Women in Travel Summit. Within a few weeks, I was on my way to Boston to attend WITS, where I met travel women who remain close friends and who I regularly see in New York.

So, what exactly is Wanderful? It’s an “international membership community of independent, adventurous, globally minded women who travel.”

What has Wanderful done for me? It’s connected me with like-minded women travelers. Wanderful has given me a great group of new local friends in New York (and beyond). Women at Wanderful meetups have inspired me to travel more. And, the Wanderful Women in Travel Summit, introduced me to fellow enthusiastic and adventurous women with a common passion for travel.

wanderful homeshare program and additional wanderful membership benefits

Bonding over travel stories is invigorating and fascinating. Though we travel to the same destinations, we view destinations through our own “lenses” or with different perspectives and experiences. Some focus on trying new dishes, others want to immerse themselves with local history, and others prefer outdoor adventure. No matter what you enjoy, you’re bound to meet a Wanderful community member who can relate, and will happily reminisce over travel with you. And, that’s the beauty of meeting other travelers!

Being part of Wanderful offers you some fun perks. Whether it’s meetups that bring women travelers together, the WITS summit, a Facebook group full of actionable tips, or more, Wanderful keeps all connected. This year, Wanderful is introducing new membership perks.

Introducing Wanderful’s Homeshare Program: World’s First-ever Network for Women

In February 2017, Wanderful launched it’s first-ever, home-share network exclusively for women. As part of the program, women travelers host other female travelers at their homes in a safe member network.

Wanderful's homeshare program


I’ve partnered with Wanderful to give away 10 FREE annual memberships (each worth $119/year)!

[How do you enter this giveaway? TODAY ONLY: The first 10 women to retweet this blog post will each win a Wanderful annual membership.] 

If you missed the chance to win a free membership, don’t worry! Here’s a bonus: readers get $15 off annual membership using code CULTURETRAV. 

Curious to learn more about Wanderful memberships? Visit the site to read about membership perks

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