Homemade Dumplings Made Easy: 3 Recipes


Dumplings are a worldwide favorite due to their infinite number of possible ingredient combinations, delicious flavors, and technique varieties. Dumplings are surprisingly easy enough for any level of cook and any budget. Among a few of the many reasons for the popularity of this dish are that they freeze well and can be made ahead of time, plus they make for a perfect party appetizer idea and are a great activity to do with the family.

Although the Asian version of these bite-size delicacies are the kind that first come to mind for most people, there are several variations of dumplings done across the globe, such as the Japanese gyoza, Chinese wonton and pot sticker, the Polish pierogi, and the Indian samosa. Legends suggest that this popular dish was first introduced in China 1,800 years ago, for rationing meat for large families.

Dumplings no longer have to be a take-out treat, but can be made in the comfort of your own home very easily and cheaply. Making this treat at home allows you to use fresh ingredients to your own liking. Found at your local grocery store in the Asian section, you will need circular wheat-based dumpling wrappers (or rice-based if you have an allergy), a small bowl of water to keep the dumplings intact, and one simple tool: your own two hands. Thanks to our friends at eReplacementParts.com here are three unique and traditional recipes to get you started.

homemade dumplings recipes
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