Viva La Tapa: Cooking Spanish Small Plates

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How to Cook and Serve Spanish Small Plates

Tapas, an authentic Spanish cuisine, originates in Spain and have persevered centuries of evolving diets, lifestyles, and customs. Tapas are often confused for appetizers, but they are, in fact, a different dish altogether. The origin of the word tapas is the subject of many discussions, seemingly depending on the region within Spain.

Paprika Almonds - Making Tapas
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Because of the warm climate year-round in Spain, bartenders often covered cups with slices of ham or bread to keep the fruit flies at bay. The word tapa means pot cover, which brought historians to believe that one potential root of tapas dishes is derived from keep flies from the prize! This is just one of many hypotheses; but we may never come to a common conclusion, so we’ll save the myth busting for another time.

Although the history of tapas’ origin is uncertain, what we can be certain about is that they’re delicious! Fortunately for everyone, tapas have made it past the Mediterranean shores of Spain, into North America, South America, and beyond.

Tapas goes beyond simply priming the taste buds for the main course. Tapas are traditionally served with your preferred alcoholic beverage, around a table full friends. Tapas are shared around the table so everyone gets a taste, without having too much. Historically, tapas were only served by an establishment such as a bar or restaurant. Now you forego a trip to your local Spanish restaurant and travel to Barcelona through your kitchen, and indulge in the Spanish culture from the comfort of your home.

There are countless tapas to enjoy; Here’s three favorite tapas from Fix’s lifestyle blog that you can make for your amigos and familia: Fried Almonds, Tortilla Española, and Croquettes.

Tortilla Espanola - Making Tapas - tapa
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Croquettes - Making Tapas - tapa
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