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Tell us a bit about yourself! Why do you love travel? How do you think travel unites us or teaches us more about the world?
I got into traveling when I studied abroad in Prague in 2012, and since then, I’ve been hooked. I’m heading to my 89th country as I write this, Guyana. Travel opens up our eyes to cultures, teaches us about history of places, and introduces us to lovely people around the world. I am addicted.

Can you tell us something about the culture in your country and why did you decided to stay there?
American people are very open, loud and they’re forward thinkers/innovators. I didn’t decide to stay there, that’s why I’ve been traveling nonstop since 2012.

What surprising aspect of culture do you love about your country (or your specific town/city) that travelers may not be aware of?
I love how clean and luxorious Scottsdale, Arizona is, and how people are genuwine.

Scottsdale, Arizona (Photo by:
Scottsdale, Arizona (Photo by:

Which dish do you feel best represents where you’re specifically from? Share a picture and tell us why you love it!
Tacos, since Arizona is so close to Mexico.

Growing up in your country, what’s something that you believe makes it unlike anywhere else in the world?
The USA is so big and we really have everything you could possibly think of – from snowy mountains to national parks to tropical beaches and desert landscapes. Not many other countries can say this.

Talk about the role of family in your life. What does family mean to you? Which family values are valuable to you?
I am very close to my family and talk to my parents everyday. It’s important to stay close and maintain strong relationships, because if it wasn’t for my parents, I (literally) wouldn’t be here today. They have sacrificed so much of their lives for me, and it’s important to me to keep strong relationships with them.

How important is spirituality and religion in your daily life? What do you do to celebrate the two?
Not important. I am Jewish, but I don’t practice much aside from Holidays.

Art and dance can tell a deeper story about local culture. Tell us the story of a specific artwork or dance that has a meaning for you. Share a photo, if you can. (It can be anything from street art to a festival to a painting to architecture to woven art work, to woodworking, a family heirloom, etc.)
I once met a local artist boy in the villages of Myanmar. He was a painter, and showed me all of his amazing artworks and bought one because it was so amazing. I’m sorry, I don’t have a photo.

Languages not only give us the power to communicate, but also can unite us across cultures. What’s something you love about the multitude of languages spoken in your country? Share a favorite saying you have, or teach us something in your native language.
They only speak English in my country. But I can speak Korean and Spanish as well.

What local spot in your city/town do you love most?
I love all the golf courses in Arizona!

Arizona Grand Golf Course
Arizona Grand Golf Course (Photo from

Who is the most inspiring person in your life? In which ways does this person inspire you?
Both of my parents. They both support me and care for me like nobody else on earth, and I love them!

Have you ever met a stranger during your travels who made an impact on your life in a certain way, or maybe it was you who helped someone else? Share the story!
I met one guy in a hostel in Istanbul in 2012. He told me that he’d been to more than 100 countries, and from then on, I knew I wanted to visit every country on earth. I am at 88 right now.

Unfortunately, stereotypes exist in the world. What are some common misconceptions you’ve heard about yourcountry? What is considered disrespectful in your culture that visitors should be aware of?
Americans are rude, ignorant to global affairs, and selfish. All are pretty much true.

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