How Italian Culture Makes You More Enthusiastic

Today’s guest post is by Giovanni Benvenuto

Why visit Italy? Because legendary cities like Rome, Venice and Milan surely deserve your attention!

Though the list of ‘must-visits’ turns out to be unending and different as per an individual’s perspective, Italy is one country that surely has a series of ‘must-visits’ and ‘must-experience’ things which will simply leave you spell-bound during your vacation!


Villages: A Work of Art

You read that right! One thing you will cherish for more than forever is the sight of the picturesque villages and absolutely stunning mountain-top hamlets. When it comes to pure scenic glory, Italy is surely a star.


Oh, the culture!

Italy is no exception when it comes to having a peculiar culture and series of customs! The culture of Italy seems to have steeped deep into the art, architecture, food, sports and some root customs that have flourished over the years and turned out to be all the way more interesting.

Music and Dance:

You can feel the heavy influence of the historical past of the region when you witness the performing arts. Though the music differs from region to region, one thing that binds them all is the religious spirit in all the traditional songs! You will also find a hint of Celtic influence in the music of the Northern region of Italy. Italy also has a lot of Opera coming out from it, right from the 16th century!


When it comes to the dance forms, Tarantella is the most practiced form in most parts of Italy.



Pastas, pizzas and olive oil! Surely, Italian cuisine is much more than that! When in Italy, make sure that you brace your taste-buds with risotto, gelato, cheese, and a variety of pastas that differ per region.

italian culture in pasta

Architecture: The famous Colosseum in Rome

It doesn’t matter if you are a history buff or not, marveling at a structure like Colosseum is simply a beautiful feeling. You will find yourself lost in the awe of the cobblestones of Roman Forum. The feeling of visiting the exact place which once made up the Roman empire is simply something that cannot be defined in words. You’ve got to visit it!

colosseum italian culture

The list seems to be unending! There’s so much more to add to the itinerary only after you have explored Italy. But for that, make sure that you book your Italy tour with Benvenuto to make the most out of your Italy tour.

 Author bio: This post is by Giovanni Benvenuto of Benvenuto Tours in Italy. 

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