Experiencing Rich Culture and Religion in Bali

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Bali is culturally rich with Indonesian art and culture entwined with age-old traditions. As a tourist, you are sure to feel and experience the amazing culture of Indonesia. It is hard to avoid the culture here as it is very different from Western culture. You will find the locals to be very warm, courteous and understanding, and they will expect you to be the same. It is mind boggling to see so many diverse arrays of cultures and religions in one area.

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Balinese culture is most famous for its dance, drama, and sculpture. Even in rural and neglected villages, one will come across beautiful temples and talented actors. The art and craft works by amateur Balinese artists show their higher level of skills. They are very skillful in replicating art works and carvings of Chinese deities. One is impressed by the sophisticated art forms found in Bali such as sculpture, woodcarving, painting and performing arts.

Balinese Craf Man - Flickr
Balinese Craf Man – Flickr

Balinese percussion orchestra music, Gamelan, is used in different traditional events in Bali. It is highly developed and varied. There are different types of music for specific events such as birthday celebration, teeth grinding, weddings, cremation and more. The art of dancing is an essential part of Balinese life and is an important element in ceremonies. Famous Balinese dances are legong, baris, topeng, pendet, gong keybar and barong. You will come across some of the most diverse performing arts cultures in Bali and can enjoy performances at festivals.

Barong - Flickr
Barong – Flickr

Indonesian art and culture are matted with religion and age-old traditions. The modern Indonesian culture that you see is a fusion of various cultural aspects from Chinese, Arabic, Malay and European sources. Bali culture is a mix of Balinese customs and Hindu-Buddhist religion and Balinese customs.

Cow racing in Bali
Cow racing – Flickr
Offerings - Flickr
Offerings – Flickr

Bali’s chief industry is tourism, and it has become integrated into the economy. The country has promoted its performing arts as entertainment outside of their ritual context. Tourists can enjoy sacred rituals and dances performed exclusively for them. The result is that many of these performances have developed according to the preferences of tourists and the foreign audiences. Barong masks are usually seen in non-ritual performances.

Tourists and travelers appreciate the peaceful ambiance of Bali. You will come across different communities living in the same streets, working together and socializing. There is character to the place, and cultural heritage is the main attraction for the tourists. Needless to say, the culture of Bali is unique especially for its rich and vibrant arts, and this is what makes it one of the most diverse in the world.

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