The Surreal Places of Bucharest

Today’s guest post is by Oana Molnar.

The most surreal thing about Bucharest is that it is a city of many contrasts, which explains why different people have very different experiences here. But if you are planning to spend your holiday in the capital city of Romania, here are some of places that are so beautiful, unique or different from anything you’ve ever seen that they almost seem surreal!

The Palace of Parliament is the kind of building you have to see to believe. Most Romanians hate it because it is a monstrously big relic of the communist era but at the same time it’s impressive that Romania is the host of the world’s second largest administrative building in the world. This is definitely an attraction you cannot miss in Bucharest because it is one of the most gigantic, imposing and grandiose buildings you will ever see. And it’s not just a big building, it’s a place of symbolic value where you can find out interesting things about life in Romania under communist rule.

Another relatively new surreal place in Bucharest is Carturesti Carusel, also known as the Carousel of Light. This is a magical bookstore right in the city center, the perfect place to spend a few hours in a serene atmosphere, surrounded by books and music. This magnificent bookstore is different from any bookshop you’ll find in Europe. It is located in a wonderfully restored 19 th century edifice and features six floors, including a top floor bistro where you can have a drink, enjoy a good book in peace and just have a lovely time.

Carousel of Light Bucharest
Carousel of Light

Even though it’s not technically in Bucharest, Therme is, like their tagline says, like an everyday holiday. Therme is the largest spa and wellness centre in Europe and one of the newest attractions. Therme Bucharest is 20 km north of Bucharest, in Balotesti and has 8 thermal water pools and also the biggest indoor garden in Romania, with over 800,000 plants and trees that make it look surreal and tropical. Tip: the place is usually very crowded, so try to go on a weekday, if you can.

Therme Bucharest Must See
Therme. Bucharest.
Therme Bucharest
Therme. Bucharest.

The best way to discover the city is by foot. This is how you will come across some of the most beautiful places in the city without spending any money. Just make sure you don’t miss out Xenofon street, the only stair street in Bucharest and also some of the most beautiful painted stairs in the world.

The CEC Palace, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Cantacuzino Palace, Stavropoleos Church, the National Art Museum or the Old Court are among the most beautiful and impressive buildings in Bucharest but also essential landmarks.

Romanian Athenaeum
Romanian Athenaeum

Since you will need a break from walking at some point, make sure you stop at one of the gorgeous gardens and terraces in Bucharest. Most of them are actually near the city center but they are so well-guarded from the city noise, so green and peaceful that it’s almost surreal they are actually in the heart of Bucharest! Eden Garden, Shift Terrace, Verona Garden, OAR Garden, Lokal or Simbio are all great places to chill on a summer holiday. You’ll also be shocked to see that beer and tasty food can be so cheap! And the accommodations at downtown lux apartments are fairly cheap too, which means that a holiday in Bucharest is very budget-friendly.

Eden Garden Bucharest
Eden Garden. Bucharest.

So as you can see, there’s plenty to do in Bucharest on a holiday and a lot more to be discovered!

Oana is a writer for Luxapartments and on Facebook who likes traveling and discovering cultures. She likes sharing her experience with other travelers in order to help them make the best choice for their vacations and have a great time.

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