Exploring Sunday Markets in London

london markets on sunday

Sunday Markets In LondonToday’s guest post and infographic are provided by LA Stretch Limo in London

There’s no doubt about the fact that London is an amazing destination to visit. With over 8 million people calling it home, the UK capital simply buzzes with atmosphere and excitement with its mix of eclectic cultures. Visitors will be drawn in by the local charm and also be swept along by the fast paced cosmopolitan nature of it all.

Most markets in London are well visited, famous sites like Spitalfields and Borough markets will always draw crowds but there are a number of Sunday markets too that are worth a visit. Sundays usually represent a time when people like to do something different with their time and sometimes they like to travel a little further too.

Markets are a great place to find something unique whether it’s a new scarf or bag or even a new type of spice or seasoning. Markets are also great places for an atmosphere and you’ll find that many feature live music or drama which is usually free.

This infographic from LA Stretch Limo highlights those Sunday markets in London that you need to add to your lists of authentic London experiences.

Check out all the details below including location specifics, opening times and more; you will also learn how to bargain to get the deal that you want from the London traders!


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