How Not To Be Fashionably Late When Travelling to London

Today’s guest post is by Jeanette Hill. 

The popular millennial term of “being fashionably late” is cool considering people get to see the effort you put into coming up with an ensemble that screams your personality and your taste in design. However, this phrase has a different meaning when you’re on the road or flying to another city. In short, “being fashionably late” is extremely unfashionable when you’re travelling.

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Travelling gives you lasting, intangible benefits that will change your life for the better. In fact, World of Wanderlust points out the many reasons why it’s the only thing you but that makes you richer. To achieve all of these, though, you have to fully understand the value of time and how to make the most of it.

Say you’re already set to visit one of the world’s most famous fashion capitals, London. Aside from learning about the tourist spots to visit, the restaurants to try, and the plethora of free things to do, you first have to know the ins and outs of its major international airports.

For one, London has some of the busiest airports in the world in the presence of Heathrow and Gatwick. Truth be told, if not for the emergence of the Dubai International Airport, these landing fields will still be close to the top of the list. But despite this, these airports still present legitimate areas of concern for both local and foreign travellers. With that, here are a few tips on how not to be “fashionably late” when travelling to London:

For Locals: Take Advantage of Parking Aggregators and Reserve a Spot Ahead of Time

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Congestion in these aforementioned airports is not only limited inside the departure lounges, but also outside of it. Based on an article on Future Travel Experience, some London airports have been heavily investing in the total improvement of its facilities and services. This includes the development of its car bays and the establishment of well-known parking aggregators.

The Internet has done wonders when it comes to improving the lives of airline passengers, as well as providing overall convenience. At Heathrow Airport, locals have the option to choose a basic short stay or long stay parking, or the premium meet-and-greet service. Parking4Less even highlights the more expensive yet extremely efficient airport hotel with parking provisions as a viable option for travellers. Just be sure to book a slot 24 to 48 hours before your scheduled flight for maximum savings.

For Tourists: Make the Most of London’s Exemplary Public Transportation System and Get an Oyster Card

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Tourists and/or commuters need not to worry, even though Business Insider pegged the capital as the most gridlocked city in Europe (overtaking Brussels). In a way, they more than make up for it by providing everyone with excellent public transportation options; going to or from the airports and around the city.

The fastest way to Heathrow is via the Express. For £22 single adult ticket, you can get to the airport (or vice versa) in about 15 minutes. A cheaper alternative would be to take the world famous Tube. During off peak hours, one ticket will set you back £3.10 – or an equally reasonable £5.10 during peak. Gatwick, on the other hand, also has the Express (£15.40 for 30 minutes of travel time) and easyBuses (£2 for a single adult ticket), respectively. Word of advice: get an Oyster Card upon arrival to get the most out of offers and discounts, and to avoid queuing, as well.


Having said all of these, it’s still important to designate ample time when travelling to avoid hassles and to show respect of everyone’s time. In short, to borrow the words of King Louis XVIII of France, “Punctuality is the politeness of kings.”

Aside from being a freelance writer and a mum of twins, Jeanette Hill is also a big fan of classical books and jazz music. Whenever she travels with her husband and kids, she makes sure to taste the local delicacies and talk to locals. This is her way of familiarising herself with the country’s culture. She plans to visit South Africa soon and hopes to experience the well-known safari tours.

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