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Horseback Riding

1. Dance salsa at Caribbean club

Dancing fights stress and can be a very powerful natural antibiotic. If something in your life is not going well, then dancing can do wonders! Even if everything is going fine, dancing is a fun way to pass the time. If you want to change something or try something new in your life?  Try Caribbean club and its hot salsa nights! Caribbean Club is one of the oldest clubs in Kiev.

Salsa Dance
Photo by Ludovic ETIENNE

Caribbean Club has become a favorite place for performances including for many showmen, professional singers, as well as actors. In terms of the visitors, Caribbean club has become a favorite place for recreation. Every Sunday night and at times on other days, you have a wonderful opportunity to try salsa and have a lot of fun with the best dancers in Kiev!

2. An exciting ride on a trolley across the Dnieper river

The trolley is a high-speed cable crossing. It is almost as if you’re flying over the river’s smooth surface, feeling like a rare bird, drifting not to the middle of the Dnieper but swiftly crossing it from the right to the left bank! It is also less than a one-minute ride from People’s Friendship Arch to a special 12-meter tower in the area of the Pedestrian bridge at Trukhanov Island.

The downhill ride across the Dnieper is made on a special trailer on the largest cable in Ukraine and Europe. You have a bungee mount or special chairs to choose from, as well as a powerful safety system similar to those used by professional mountaineers. The length of the descent, which is considered the longest in Europe, is 532 meters and 61 cm (approximately 0,3 miles) and got into the National Register of Records of Ukraine. The flight speed reaches 80 km per hour, so you get a dose of adrenaline with a trolley ride!

3.  “Salt Cave” café

There is a very ordinary cafe “Salt Cave” on Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, and its interior is completely decorated with salt from salt mines. About 12 tons of natural salt was imported from Transcarpathia, which was required to create the original interior. Its walls, floor, ceiling, and even the furniture is decorated with salt crystals and made of raw white crystals.

The quiet atmosphere, relaxing music, fresh air, and home cooking will allow you to forget about the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Visiting the cafe “Salt Cave” you will get a charge of vivacity, health, and energy for a long time.

4. A breathtaking climbing gym

All the dare-devils will sooner or later come to the climbing gym. If you are going to practice a bit before going to the mountains or simply decided to spend a fun weekend in Kiev, we recommend you to add this activity to your cultural and sports program!

Sports club “Cheetah” is suitable for both professionals and amateurs interested in climbing, as well as many other sports and competitions. Our route is a ten meter completely vertical wall, where you can climb only with the help of small bumps. This place in on the Victory Avenue, 139 (Prospect Pobedy 139). Are you ready to challenge the force of Earth’s gravity?

5.  A horse ride

Horseback Riding
Photo by Marc Samsom


Enjoy a great time in nature with horseback riding (kid friendly, too) Horseback riding will be interesting not only for riders with experience, but also for beginners. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you can learn how to professionally ride horses. The best places to try horseback riding would be Vyshgorodska Street 85a and  Kasiyan Street 1.

6. A boat tour along the Dnieper river

Enjoy an unforgettable cruise at night in Kiev accompanied by inner. At night, Kiev reveals all its glory and magic with the lights gleaming along the river banks.

This cruise is a great opportunity to spend a romantic evening. The tour usually lasts about one to two-and-a-half hours, so you have time to not only enjoy the beauty of the Dnieper banks, but also indulge in a delicious dinner.

7. Take a Barista master class

Photo by Thomas Chung

You can take a barista masterclass at a store called “Good Wine.” This is not just a meeting over a cup of coffee. You will learn the classic technology of making an invigorating espresso and cappuccino, and then get to know some alternative methods of brewing coffee, using different devices.


8. A riveting ascent to the highest point of the Mother Motherland

If you crave to see Kiev from a bird’s eye view, you definitely need to go to the Mother Motherland. For those who are afraid of heights, there is a lower observation deck. It is located at an altitude of 36 meters. On the site, anyone can view high-powered binoculars, which offer quite impressive views of the city. But nothing beats the view from the shield of the statue: for an adrenaline rush and beautiful pictures, it is worth going there!

9. Try a chess game with the Ukrainian chess masters in the Shevchenko park

Chess Game
Photo by eflon

If you love to play board games, come to Shevchenko park! Here you will not only get acquainted with the indigenous old residents of the city of Kiev but you also can play a couple of games of chess on a comfortable table with a canopy against the bad weather.

10. Try flying in the vertical wind tunnel
Try the vertical wind tunnel known as “Blockbuster.” This is a unique opportunity to experience the full free-floating in the air flow on the simulator, where professional athletes and jumpers train! Feelings during free flight in the vertical wind tunnel are equivalent to Skydiving! The realistic effect creates a powerful airflow with a speed over 250 km per hour.

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