Why Pick France For Your Next Vacation

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The art, the food, the architecture, the marvelous landmarks and the French way of life, all of it fascinates us. There is no other country like France, which never seems to lose its instinctive charm. The country has everything interesting to explore right from broad sandy beaches, dramatic mountain peaks, and vibrant towns and cities with a fashionable cultural buzz. This endlessly gorgeous destination attracts several visitors every year from across the globe.

Here are some of the reasons why holidaymakers pour into France like no other overseas nation.

The city of light-Paris
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The city of light: Paris
Paris is a favorite and the most famous destination in France, which can be visited all year round. The city has many things to offer in terms of art, culture, tradition and famous architectural marvels, among others. Those who are keen and very much interested in museums, shopping, and to explore the iconic Eiffel Tower visit this city.
The French capital’s 19th century picturesque landscape, cafe culture, iconic cathedrals and designer boutiques are some of the highlights of this city. While planning to explore France, Paris should be on your priority list. Paris’s every corner of the street is filled with Parisian-style cafes, bars and restaurants, where you can sample some scrumptious cuisines. During your visit to this historic city, you can also experience how to live like a local by staying in a rental Paris serviced apartments. These apartments are designed in Parisian styles and offer comfortable home like stay at reasonable cost.

paris heritage
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The county’s weather is one of the major reasons, why so many tourists flock to this particular destination throughout the year. You can experience a mild climate in spring and autumn. March and June, September and December are the best months to visit. And then come the lovely, warm summers, that also attract waves of sun-seekers.

The Heritage Sites

France has 41 properties on the World Heritage List. They have been so well looked after (in the past and present), keeping popular sites like cathedrals, Romanesque monuments, ports and cultural landscapes well-preserved. France presents its past in an engrossing, or even interesting, manner.

Fine dining and wining
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Fine dining and wining

Reinforcing the reputation of French cuisine, France became the first nation in 2010 to be recognized for its gastronomy by UNESCO due to its intangible cultural heritage.

You can enjoy a top-of-the-line lunch or exceptional French fine dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Refined gastronomic cuisine coupled with sparkling champagne, claret or burgundy, will make your dining experience most memorable one.


The mountains (and some excellent skiing)
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The Mountains (and some excellent skiing)
The French mountain ranges are varied, interesting and beautiful, which makes France one of the world’s biggest destinations for skiing. This is the reason why the country attracts such a huge chunk of foreign tourists. There are always picturesque and scenic places to discover in the mountains. Most importantly, the French Alps are so famous due to the sheer variety and extent of terrain that offers great resorts.

France has an ability to draw in all types of travelers due to its charm that you can never get enough of. A holiday in France is sure to excite!


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