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Today’s post is an interview with Michael Derlicki of Venture NY.

Venture NY Interview and empire state buildingPlease tell us what inspired the creation of Venture?

Michael: Venture was created by the passion of travel. We understand how time-consuming it can be to find a flight or other method of transportation, hotel accommodations, attractions, events and great deals. This is why we created a service that helps with figuring out all of the logistics in the travel process. Whether you are short on time, want to trust that you are having the best value, or want to not worry about anything; we can take care of it all, so you can have stress-free travel.

Is there a time in your travels that you could have used an expert or local advice? How did this influence the creation of Venture?

Michael: Totally! We are world travelers ourselves. We have been to big and little cities all over the world. We know how it is to be lost in the jungle metaphorically and literally speaking. This is why we ensure that with our service you are getting assistance and guidance from people that know the areas that we service. We only deal with on location partners that we personally vet to ensure a quality standard.

Venture NY Interview cabs in New YorkWhat type of services do you offer on Venture (accommodation, activities, transportation, etc.)? What sets Venture apart from other concierge services?

Michael: Venture offers all your travel needs. From all levels of accommodation, to countless activities, and reliable transportation. We aim to bring our customers truly exceptional experiences with a quality standard that brings them the best value for their time and money.

Do you work with individuals, organizations, or both? How do your services differ between the two?

Michael: We honestly do both. We have individual clients who want to plan a fun adventurous trip for themselves or their families, and then we also provide services for organizations and companies. Whoever our clients are they can be sure that they will receive the highest caliber of concierge service that can customize anything within the trip. The client will be be able to engage with one of our travel and concierge service representatives to assist you through your travels.

There is very little difference between our individual clients and our clients that are organizations or companies. The reason for that is that we pride ourselves on great service and building relationships with all of our clients. So whether it’s a multi-million-dollar company that needs relocation services and high-end luxury or an individual who just wants to get the most out of their travel. We treat you the with the same level of attentiveness and courtesy.

Venture NY Interview travel conciergeWhy are concierge services important? How does it make travel more personal?

Michael: Concierge services are there for you when you need any kind of help. We consider ourselves to be our client’s consultants and friends. If you do not know what to do on location, you need a local to give you advice on anything and everything, and we are here for you. Ventures’ Concierge Service is great if you don’t have time to book your trip, time to seek out deals, the patience of putting together an entire itinerary. We can deliver your desired level of luxury with comprehensive assistance.

What destinations are currently live, and what destinations are you focusing on in the (near) future?

britain-2938_640Michael: Venture’s home is New York City and Holiday Estates was founded in London, so those are our most popular destinations that we service. Our other live locations that we are continuously growing and developing include, Washington D.C., Boston, Orlando, Miami, Cleveland, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Jeddah – KSA, Abu Dhabi – UAE and Dubai – UAE.

As a traveler, what’s often your first step in researching things to do in a destination you visit? How do you approach it?

Michael: Our first tip is to hone in on what you want to experience and then try to experience it the same way that locals do. We always recommend and focus on adding adventure to your travels.

How do your services encourage people to travel and explore? How does, or should, Venture inspire travelers before or during travel?

Venture NY Interview and new york city from aboveMichael: Venture encourages people to travel and explore by creating travel packages that can be tailor-made to their unique preferences. We give comprehensive assistance, ensure a quality standard and provide best value services and packages. This develops a stress-free atmosphere, where we take care of all the travel arrangements and allow you to simply enjoy the trip and explore. We inspire travelers before and during travel by figuring out what makes them tick and capitalizing on that to develop a custom-made experience to fulfill their desires. In advance and during the trip, we give our clients all the information they need, along with personalized recommendations of restaurants, events, tours and attractions to take advantage of while on location. We also ask them to engage with us and share their journey with us on social media.

Tell us about your favorite personal trip and what made it so special.

Michael: Personally, my favorite trip was when I was able to be immersed in the culture and environment of Tunisia. I will never forget when the locals took me and my family camel-back riding through a part of the Sahara Desert. We were able to dress in the traditional Sahara exploration equipment, find and collect sand flowers and explore some amazingly tall sand dunes. I really think that’s what made this experience special, is that it was created, recommended and lead by locals.

Venture NY Interview and brooklyn bridgeWhat is your favorite attraction in New York City, and why?

Michael: My favorite attraction in NYC depends on the type of weather. I really enjoy the Brooklyn Bride. Taking a stroll from Brooklyn to Manhattan is an amazing experience with the fresh air, the sun shining and the beautiful views. Central Park is a great choice during non rainy weather for a run, a walk, playing sports or even laying out. For cloudy weather, I would recommend the High Line. I really enjoy seeing all the beautiful clouds, the relaxing walk and all the delicious food places along the way.

If you could recommend only one thing for someone to do in New York City, what would you recommend and why?

Michael: Oh, that’s a hard question. There are so many options and it depends on the individual. To truly see a unique and unforgettable perspective of NYC, I would recommend a helicopter tour. You get to see firsthand some of the iconic landmarks that NYC has to offer, as well seeing so much more that you can’t experience in any other way. It is a very engaging experience that makes you feel as if you were a bird flying around the concrete jungle.

Venture NY Interview and Statue of LibertyHow does exploring local culture in-depth help travelers? Why?

Michael: Exploring local culture makes you feel connected to the city [or destination] you are visiting. It helps you understand the people, get the feel and truly appreciate the city. I believe that travel is the one expenses in life that makes you richer. One of the ways it makes you richer is by learning, embracing and experiencing the culture of where you are. It is important to keep an open mind and be like a sponge trying to absorb as much as you can when you travel.

How has Venture grown since you launched, and where do you envision it going in the next five years?

Michael: Venture is rapidly growing. This is thanks to the unique access that we provide to special and negotiated rates that are not only easy to book through a representative, but will also make sure that you experience the same consistency of professionalism throughout your entire experience. Venture provides the highest caliber of travel and concierge service for any need. This momentum will continue within the next five years and onward. We treat each client as a close friend and we will continue to do so with the highest level of reliability and value.

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