The Sydney Opera House Restaurant Scene

Today’s guest post is by Roxana Oliver.

You have seen all there is to see in Sydney and still feel there is something you want to see in order to fully experience the Australian culture. There is no better thing to do than explore the Sydney restaurant scene. Once you have seen the Opera House, you should stick to that area and go for the kind of restaurant you are interested in, as this is the area with the best and most versatile restaurants in the city.


Opera Bar
In order to taste dishes made from fresh Australian produce, you should go for Opera Bar. It is famous for its ordering at the bar, instead of waiting to get a reservation. So, if you are on the run and near the Opera House, enter this place, preferably, in the morning, as their breakfast menu is very satisfying. The best-known meal out there is cured ocean trout, and you will need to grab if you want to sense the Australian cuisine. Along with the great food, there is a splendid choice of drinks to suit even the most demanding diner. Their offer of cold press juices is something you need to check. To start your day off in a healthy way and to get enough energy to wander around the city later, choose botanica green cold press juice, which will provide you with vitamins and minerals from kale, silverbeet, cucumber and celery. Cheers!


Opera Kitchen
If you would like to grab a bite of delicious meals just under the sails of the famous Opera House, you need to go to Opera Kitchen. Not only will you enjoy the magnificent view and explore Sydney Harbour and Harbour Bridge, but you will eat some of the most extraordinary food in Sydney. The choice of all-day meals is versatile, and whenever you decide to visit this place, you may find something that you need. If you are still up for tasting something not Australian, you can order a sushi plate, which is absolutely delicious. However, if you came here only to taste the Australian cuisine, it would be best to order Sydney Rock oysters that are bound to suite even the most distinguished connoisseurs of oysters.


Blackbird café
You should not let your visit to Sydney pass without visiting one the renowned places in the down – Blackbird Café with the best drink list out there. When you come there, try the chicken and quinoa salad, which is rich in protein and vitamins that will keep you refreshed as you stroll around Sydney afterwards. However, if meat is just not your thing, you will be thrilled to taste the delicious vegetarian meals. But, if you are up for getting a drink, there is no better place to go in Sydney. This café hired a well-known Italian bartender who makes his unique cocktails. If you would like to taste the local favourite one – grab a glass of Sweet Emotion. Also, there is an extraordinary list of wines, too – top quality ones to suit different needs.

sydney opera house restaurant scene blackbird

If you are up for tasting something more exotic, there is no better place thing to do than visit Zaaffran in Sydney, an Indian restaurant. This is the best place for ordering Indian dishes in the city. Try Zaaffran Khoorus Biryani, the most delicious meal in the restaurant, which will provide you with lots of healthy protein and carbohydrates. Vegetarians can have fun here, too! There is an excellent choice of vegetarian food to suit your needs. Bon appetit!

sydney opera house restaurant scene at zaffraan

If you are strolling along the area near Opera House, you absolutely need to check the magnificent restaurants out there. Whatever you fancy – Australian cuisine, exotic meals, healthy snacks or wonderful cocktails, you will be thrilled once you taste them!

Author Bio: Roxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney and she loves to write about her adventures. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she often hits the waves and loves beaches and sunshine! You can find out more about her writing and follow her on Twitter.

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