An Untainted, Guided Tour of Jamaica (Sponsored)

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CLOUDSWelcome to the parish that started the Historic Jamaican Rebellion of the 1600’s, St. Thomas. Good-day to you one and all, thank you for taking this time to check out People’s Choice Tour. Discover the beautiful Parish of St Thomas in the beautiful and tranquil island of Jamaica, come examine all the beauty of Llandewey, without reaching the capital of St. Thomas, Morant Bay.

Nature, Food, Hike, Sights and History-Guided Tour of Untainted Jamaica

With a local and native guide leading the way, experience some of the best kept secrets of the St Thomas Parish. Visit areas and spots where only a few outsiders are privy to. These sights will further show you the breathtaking scenery and natural beauty of the Parish, henceforth the Island. Natural beauty, breathtaking scenery, lush valleys, and rolling hills are only some of the wonders that make St Thomas one of Jamaica’s untouched and untainted parishes.

With a local and native guide leading the way, experience some of the best kept secrets of the St. Thomas Parish, e.g Judgement-Cliff, rivers and more. Visit areas and spots where only a few dare to walk, hike or venture.

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SUNSETLOGOThis adventure begins when you are picked up from the meeting point in Kingston and taken into the beautiful greenery of St Thomas, passing Nine Mile, Bull Bay, Albion Heights and more along the way.

The scenic drive from Kingston to Llandewey, St. Thomas is approximately 40-50 minutes and you will drive past the airport coastline, Harbour View, all the way to the location. Snacks and beverages will be provided during the drive.

The guide will show you all of the best nature sites in the parish while sharing the rich culture of Jamaica. The guide is what many would call a bushman; that is what Jamaicans’ call a person who truly knows the woods, nature, and is there to answer your burning questions.

UntitledUpon reaching the destination, you will begin a walking tour from the road. You can also stop at the deep spot of the river, so that you can take a dip! If you do not wish to enter the river, the tour will continue along the trail. You will be walking through, woods, forest, bushes so make sure to dress accordingly, but the fun part of that-you can pick fruits such as bananas, mangoes [depending on time of year]. You’ll also enjoy local fruits such as guinep, and you can see Sorrel farms, yam and all natural food farms.

STEEPLOGOYou’ll pass through these natural and rural settings while munching on route to climb the 1000ft+ Judgement Cliff. And, depending on how you feel, you can go around or through the river.

The tour takes five hours. You can always extend your hours, because there is so much to see, and food and beverages are included. Experience some of St. Thomas’s best kept secrets, and areas and spots that only a few outsiders are privy to; these sights will further show you the breathtaking scenery of our Parish, henceforth our Island.

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