Women in Travel Summit 2016 (Discount)

adventure-842584_1280In honor of International Women’s Day, I wanted to share about an exciting event for women happening soon: the Women in Travel Summit! Last year around this time, I was gearing up for the Women in Travel Summit in Boston. And, what a great experience that was! A friend encouraged me to go, as it would be a great opportunity to meet fellow travelers and bloggers. So, I got my ticket and hopped on the bus from NYC and spent the weekend in Boston surrounded by like-minded and amazing travel women!

Though I’m sad to miss the Women in Travel Summit (WITS) this year, if you’re on the West Coast or open to traveling soon, I would encourage you to go! This year’s conference will take place in Irvine, California from March 18-20, 2016! It was an unforgettable weekend full of great workshops, tips during interesting sessions, networking opportunities with fellow travelers, and above all, with inspiring travel bloggers or travel entrepreneurs. While there, I connected with friends I still see in NYC to this day, and otherwise keep in touch with throughout the country and world.

friends-842580_1280According to the Wanderful organization that organizes WITS, “Our goal is to provide women travelers with the tools, connections, and resources they need to become better travel bloggers and entrepreneurs, and to equip great travel companies with partnerships that can help them enhance their digital presence and meet their business goals, all while growing our global sisterhood of dedicated women who travel.”

In addition to that, here’s what Wanderful is all about: “Wanderful is an international community of women who travel. Our mission is to connect women travelers together by empowering them with the tools they need to go abroad and facilitating a trusted network that can help guide them in their journeys. We created the Women in Travel Summit after we realized that there was a real need for professional women and self-starters in travel to share their experiences with one another both in the working world and as members of our global community. WITS does just that — a fusion of hands-on, applicable workshops and networking to inspire and empower one another to travel.”

Want to attend WITS? Use code culturetrav for a 10% discount on WITS tickets. Check the registration link for more ticket details. 

Want some more info? If you’d like to learn more or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on the blog. I’d be happy to share about my WITS experience there last year, and again encourage you to check it out, if you can!

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