Holiday Traditions in Denmark vs. in Canada

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Hello! I am a travel blogger + travel enthusiast from Canada. I love travelling the world and sharing stories of my travels, as well as hearing stories from other travellers. Many of my travels take me to Europe. I love exploring the different countries and cultures in such a diverse continent. This leads me to my topic today, holiday traditions in Denmark.

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For a relatively small country, Denmark celebrates Christmas in a huge way! I have been lucky enough to go to Denmark and I will be returning there soon. While in Denmark I spend time wandering around the different islands, visiting Kobenhavn (Copenhagen), and spending time with my friend and her family.

Photo by Kelsie Robyn

Christmas in Denmark is a big part of Danish culture. The Christmas season often runs from November to January. The three biggest days of this cheerful season are December 24th, 25th, & 26th. Along with these three days, advent takes place all December long. Kids (and adults!) often open a small candy or gift each day in December. My favorite part about Danish Christmas is the Christmas markets! These little markets pop up all over the place and are truly a beautiful display of Christmas spirit. Many Danish people also go to the German Christmas markets, because all of Denmark is fairly close to the German border. The food is a big part of the Danish culture, especially during Christmastime. Families often gather around a table filled with hearty food such as roast, turkey, goose, potatoes, and other side dishes. Dessert also plays a huge (and delicious!) role. Lots of pastries, coffee, chocolate, and sweets are consumed throughout December. Throughout the Christmas season you can expect to see cheerful people, VERY cheerful children, lots of holiday decorations, and lots of generosity. Danish people are generally known to be very friendly, but the Christmas season brings out even more of this gracious spirit.

In Canada, Christmas is also a fairly big holiday, however there are also lots of other holidays celebrated. December 24th is Christmas Eve (as with Denmark), December 25th is Christmas, and December 26th is referred to as Boxing Day. Boxing Day is a day I personally do not care for! Many stores in Canada have huge sales on this day and people rush to the stores often exchanging gifts or buying items for a discounted price. In my family we tend to ignore this aspect of Canadian Christmas and stay at home have snacks, and play games as a family. This is also the day when we see extended family. Christmas falls in the middle of winter in Canada. Along the coasts, it is generally snowy, but tends to have milder weather. I am from central Canada and it is always snowy and cold on Christmas! I am not a person who likes snow, but on Christmas I enjoy it. We often have a campfire outside with hot chocolate, or go sledding. Christmas dinner usually consists of turkey, potatoes, salads, and other side dishes. Christmas cookies are often baked and shared throughout December. These cookies are decorated with colorful icing and dusted with sugar. Yumm!

Photo by Kelsie Robyn

Danish and Canadian holiday traditions have lots in common. Christmas trees, Christmas Eve, Christmas music, and lots more! However, if I had to sum it up into a couple of sentences, I would say that Danish people celebrate Christmas to a fuller extent. The Christmas season is something Danes look forward to all year long. The Danish Christmas markets are another highlight of the season. In Canada we celebrate Christmas, but we do not have many Christmas markets! This is something I really wish Canada would adopt, because they are a great show of Christmas spirit. Christmas in both countries is a grand tradition that young and old both celebrate. In both countries a friendly visitor (Santa Claus!) comes and brings Christmas joy to the children.

Wherever you celebrate the holiday season this year, and whatever holiday you participate in, I wish you a joyous season! If you get a chance, get out there are experience a different culture’s take on the holiday season. It really is a beautiful time of year, and everyone celebrates it in a different and beautiful way!

Happy Travels!

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