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notepad-926787_640If you’re new to the site, welcome! If you’ve been following my other blog page, then you’ll see that the new blog is now on an entirely new site. Let me explain why.

In November, CultureTrav turns one. I cannot stress enough how incredible it’s been to share so many travel stories from across the globe. Every Thursday we chat, and every week, I feel more connected to people no matter how far “away” they are. I love learning about your journeys, whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure, traveling with family or a partner, are turning into an expat or a complete nomad, or enjoying part-time trips.

It’s enriching, emotional and powerful to hear about your experiences on the chat, in person, and on your blogs. CultureTrav began in November 2014 with aspirations to hear about travelers’ attempts of immersing themselves into local culture, whether by practicing the language, developing new friendships, or learning about customs, and more.

With co-host, Jessica, in Amsterdam.

I cannot thank you enough for supporting me along the way, and for making this such a vibrant community. CultureTrav would not exist and could not continue without you, and I especially need to thank my co-host, Jessica Lipowski, for her immense support along the way and for being a gracious host when I finally (and excitedly) met her in Amsterdam.

Thank you for joining us while you’re at work, on the road, during lunch or dinner, or even for staying up late to talk to us.  Thank you for showing us photos of your important memories. Thank you for re-telling stories of meaningful moments in your life. I thank you for teaching us new perspectives and lessons.

Why Culture with Travel? 

Since my blog now has a new home on Culture with Travel, I invite you to tell your story. I created this site with the full intent of turning this into more of a community site allowing for guest blog posts. If you’re interested in contributing a blog post that touches on the deeper cultural aspects of travel, I more than welcome you to email me about it.

If you haven’t signed up yet, I invite you to join the newsletter for important updates and news from the blog, as well.

4 thoughts on “What’s new on the blog

  1. The new website looks terrific, Nicolette! And I love the name – “Culture With Travel.” Congratulations on the new name and look. Thank you so much for launching this amazing #CultureTrav community. It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of it. Thursdays are an amazing day and as you said it’s great to connect with people even when you are “far away.” You are a terrific leader, host and friend.

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