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photo by nicoletteI’m excited to share travel writing news! I’ve been contributing to the community of Pink Pangea. This site is dedicated to sharing stories by women travelers – whether it’s digging deeper into cultural norms and customs, learning languages (or slang), exploring a new country alone for the first time, discussing favorite new cuisines, and much more. But, beyond that it’s about the emotions we go through when we travel – both the good and the bad. It’s truly eye opening to read about adventures abroad from other perspectives – how it can be difficult to adjust, or even scary to leave what’s been familiar to you, but all the while simultaneously exciting!

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My articles have focused on concepts close to my heart: establishing a home abroad, and language and identity. I like to look at travel in terms of layers of cultural differences and similarities – how do we bond with others and how do we bridge gaps with others.

I had the chance to hear from the women behind Pink Pangea – Jaclyn Mishal and Rachel Sales – during a really interesting writing workshop they hosted during the New York Travel Festival. All workshop attendees were able to draft an “impromptu” story about their travels (based on a prompt) and share it with a partner seated next to them. It was a great exercise in free writing, and in focusing on the emotional aspects of a journey. Often when traveling, people can get caught up in seeing sites or checking things off a list, but it’s good to remember the experiences and think about the emotions felt during a trip.

Your take: Do you speak multiple languages? How do you think languages shape our identity? What language(s) would you learn if you had the time or chance? 

Read my piece on being multilingual and how that’s shaped my identity:

Your take: Are you an expat? How did you establish a home abroad? Are you going to move somewhere new soon? How do you create a new home elsewhere? Do you talk to other expats about your new endeavors? If you’re a nomad, how do you define home? 

Read my piece about moving from The Netherlands to the USA:

4 thoughts on “Sharing travel writing through Pink Pangea

  1. I’ve used multiple tools / apps to try and learn a language, but haven’t had the chance to engulf myself in a culture that speaks that language primarily.

    I’ve found Duolingo was the one that made me feel most comfortable about my ability to communicate in a different language, but still feel nervous to have that “first conversation” in a secondary language. Any advice on how to “ease into it” in order to feel more comfortable?

    1. Hi Tyler, thanks for sharing that! Duolingo is definitely great, but I’ve found it can also be fun to practice a language with a native speaker (if you have the opportunity) prior to traveling. I’ve been lucky to know native Spanish speakers and it’s helpful to hear their accents and pronunciation and to understand when to be formal and what’s appropriate depending on different age groups, too. As long as you make any effort to speak the language, the locals will appreciate it!

  2. I speak more than one language and one thing I have noticed is that language opens up a world view because of the words available in that language. There’s one language where a word can have several different meanings and have multiple English equivalents.

    1. Completely agree! Thanks so much for sharing that perspective.:) Some things you also simply cannot directly translate. I appreciate that about languages.

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