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Culture2 copyCultureTravChat started in November 2014 with the intent of hearing from travelers, while focusing on their experiences with different cultures. I’ve always been most interested in talking to travelers about how they deal with cultural differences, how they develop new friendships abroad, how they learn about a country’s social norms, how they overcome language barriers and more.

The goal of the chat is to dig deeper and get people to relive the emotions they felt when seeing a new country, and to share memories of their travels, whether those relate to gaining a better understanding of a foreign culture, traveling with family, friends or loved ones, or simply remembering food/architecture/cultural traditions, and other important aspects of immersion during travel.

Jessica Joins as Co-Host

Over the past few months, it’s been very exciting to hear from so many of you who travel – whether you’re perpetually on the road, traveling every few months, or simply going whenever you can balancing work and other circumstances that might not always allow it. Thank you to all who have joined during work, while traveling, and late at night to tell stories and offer advice to others. I’ve learned a lot of valuable insights about travels within Europe, Africa, Asia, and cannot wait to plan my next few trips with your advice in mind!

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to the people who contribute stories and share their advice with #CultureTravChat every week – and beyond.

Exciting news as Jess Lipowski joins #CultureTravChatOne of these special contributors is Jessica Lipowski, and I’m excited to announce that she will be joining #CultureTravChat as a regular co-host. Jessica’s travel experiences and her friendly, easygoing demeanor make her a great co-host. I hope to meet her one day in my native Holland, where she currently lives in Amsterdam. Learn more about Jessica’s adventures and read her travel writing via http://jessicalipowski.com/. Find her on Twitter, @JLipowski.

We’ll be posting about this week’s #CultureTravChat very soon! Stay tuned for the topic & questions!

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