Childhood Travel Memories on #CultureTravChat

Childhood Travel #CultureTravChat

There’s something magical about traveling when you’re a child. You take in new impressions, foreign smells, and distant, colorful landscapes with this sense of adventure. You have a perspective that’s not yet tainted by any type of bias. You simply experience a place for what it is.
I vividly remember sitting in the backseat of the car as we drove through the Dutch countryside passing by farms, spotting cattle, seeing working windmills and the stretches of green on the way to bustling city and village streets. One of the first memories I have of hiking is in the Tatra mountains with my grandparents.
When people discuss skiing, I often laugh to myself a bit thinking about the times I braved it on ski vacations with family members in France. I’ll never forget the hours I spent in the kitchen watching my Polish and Dutch grandmas prepare family meals with the freshest ingredients and the richest of smells taking over the house. Reading about architecture always triggers my memories of Egypt and walking through living history in the pyramids. Whenever I smell lavender, I’m reminded of travels with a friend to the Provence in France. Tapas bring to mind a trip I took with high school classmates to Spain. Certain songs remind me of dancing with relatives and friends across Europe. I remember the smallest details, even from years ago.
This week on #CultureTravChat at 2:30 ET, we’ll discuss Childhood Travel Memories.
1. What’s your earliest and fondest memory of traveling during childhood? (Got a pic?)
2. Why is traveling during childhood so magical?
3. What advice would you share with your childhood self about travel?
4. Which lessons stayed with you since childhood?
5. Would you say that childhood travel can have a long-lasting impact on your life?
6. What was your favorite way to travel when younger? Train? Car? Plane? (Got a pic?)
BONUS: Do you travel with kids now? (Got a pic?) 


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2 thoughts on “Childhood Travel Memories on #CultureTravChat

  1. Nicolette, I retweeted to Caz and Craig Makepeace, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting when I spent some time in Australia. They run @ytravelblog and are presently spending a year (plus) with their young daughters traveling around their home country (+ continent) of Australia. My own personal childhood experience is a very fond one. Our parents packed my sister and me into a car, and we drove through the Coast Mountains and the Rocky Mountains from Vancouver to Calgary to visit my maternal aunt’s family. I remember the drive, the road trip, and one of my first experiences with the “big skies, big mountains” that were the Rockies.

    1. Aww thanks so much, Henry! Appreciate that you shared this with your friends (who are spending time abroad with their daughters), as well! Road trips are simply the best! I can only imagine the beautiful scenery of the Rockies and the fun you had with your family! Thanks again for sharing! Sounds really wonderful.

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