Travel Preferences: What’s Your Style?

Travel Preferences #CultureTravChat

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, a part-time traveler (like I am), or beginning to explore, travel has something for everyone.

  • Maybe you prefer guided tours where you stick with a group and explore historic sites and learn about a country’s culture together.
  • Perhaps you can’t wait to travel solo, where you make your own schedule and meet new people along the way.
  • Or maybe, you love the idea of an adventure where you push your physical boundaries through hiking, biking and other activities.
  • And, then there’s luxury travel with all-inclusive resorts where you get pampered and you can kick back!
Personally, I love the idea of adjusting the travel style to the destination. Solo and guided travel is most appealing to me for its exploration of history, culture, architecture/the arts, and people. Whenever possible, I’ve incorporated some physical activity or adventure into any trip – hiking, biking, and walking are great, and there’s an adrenaline rush when you try out a new sport, or test your physical limits (safely!). One of my favorite luxury destinations were the Cayman Islands and Key West, where everything was pre-planned and you could endlessly enjoy the beach.
#CultureTravChat This Week: 
No matter what your style is, this week on #CultureTravChat, I thought we’d explore Travel Preferences. 
  1. What’s your preferred travel style? (for example: luxury or adventure)? Why?
  2. Describe your ideal trip and how your travel style fits into that. Got a pic?
  3. What advice would you share with someone who might be hesitant to explore different travel styles? #CultureTravChat
  4. Tell us about a time you really pampered yourself during travel. Got a pic? #CultureTravChat
  5. Have you ever strayed from your favorite travel style to explore a new one? What did you learn? #CultureTravChat
  6. Ever travel with limited access to electricity or clean water? What’d you enjoy about that trip? Got a pic? #CultureTravChat
  7. What do different travel styles teach us about ourselves? Do they influence our experiences?


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    1. Thanks for sharing! I’m with you on that, but curious to hear more from fellow travelers. Will you be joining tomorrow? 🙂

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