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Taste of Travel MenuFresh mozzarella, tomato, basil and balsamic vinegar on ciabatta. My Polish grandma’s chicken noodle soup. A warm freshly-baked French baguette with butter. Homemade sauerkraut and mushroom pierogies. Fresh seafood served during a beach trip…

…There’s nothing quite like a mouth-watering meal.

The sensory, shared experience over food (especially with loved ones) is unbeatable. When the awesome Ever Thought of Trying travel blogging team (thanks for the nomination and for sharing your delicious menu selections!) nominated me for the #tasteoftravel challenge (which asks you to compose your own ideal travel menu), I immediately started brainstorming and thought about the most memorable culinary experiences I’ve had.

It was difficult to select just a few delicious meals. Memories from many different vacations come to mind, and it’s interesting to consider how large of a role great meals played in them. Not only that, but to me, a great meal is one made with love and shared in good company. A great meal can stretch over hours of conversation and drinks. A great meal bonds family and friends.
Without further ado, here’s my Taste of Travel Menu (#tasteoftravel)
Taste of Travel Menu: Appetizer 1. Taste of Travel Menu: Appetizer 
Charcuterie/Cheese Boards

What’s appealing about Charcuterie/Cheese boards is the idea of sharing select items. It’s easy to mix and match meats and creamy cheeses (and often sides of olives, pickles, mustard) on fresh bread, while carrying on a conversation. Tapas are similarly appealing because you can sample a few items together, instead of eating just one meal.

Taste of Travel Menu: Entree2.Taste of Travel Menu: Entree

Hearty meals.
Whenever I think of favorite entrees, memories of home-cooked meals come to mind. Growing up in Holland and spending a lot of time in Poland, and traveling throughout Europe, I’ve come to appreciate hearty dinners prepared by family (my mom and both grandmas, especially).
When traveling, I tend to go for items that take time to craft and ones that pull in a lot of local flavors (incorporating organic produce, local spices, etc.). It may sound “simple,” but something like a good winter stew really hits home for me. Two of my favorite Dutch stews include Hutspot (carrots and onions and mashed potatoes) and Boerenkool (kale or spinach mashed together with boiled potatoes and served with smoked sausage).

Another great meal with a French twist that comes to mind was a roasted chicken with fingerling potatoes (dipped in sea salt and stone ground mustard) with (seasonal) vegetables like roasted Brussels sprouts, beets, spinach or carrots.

Taste of Travel Menu: dessert3.Taste of Travel Menu: Dessert
Pies with ice cream or Dutch stroopwafels and tea/coffee.
Let’s be honest, any dessert that involves even a hint of ice cream is already one of my favorites… Whenever I think of great ones, I always envision a freshly-baked pie (apple pie), or a chocolate mousse. Another smaller dessert I enjoy is having a stroopwafel (a Dutch caramel cookie) on top of tea or coffee. When you place the stroopwafel on the hot drink, the caramel melts beautifully.
Now that I’m (sufficiently) hungry, I’ll go on and nominate the next three #tasteoftravel “victims.” I nominate these lovely ladies who undoubtedly have tested and cooked up some great meals: Joanne Lam, In My Red Kitchen and the Nomadic Chica. Can’t wait to read your menu selections! Don’t forget to share a link to your blog in the comments of this post, so we can all enjoy your menu!
Ever tried any of the above meals/snacks? Got pictures of your favorites? What are your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Taste of Travel Menu

  1. The stew with the smoked sausage sounds fantastic! I have been to Holland several times but unfortunately never tried either of those. Every time I visit, my friend already knows that she will have to make me poffertjes! I love them and she even has the pan for it 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for the recipe…that’s great, I will have to try it out now. Yes I’m based in Toronto, but I try to make it there every couple of years…Amsterdam is such a convenient stopover for travelling to other countries that I usually extend my layover to visit friends if it’s on my travel route. Last time I was there coincidentally during the Gay Pride Parade on the canal…fantastic! I love the city. 🙂

        1. That’s amazing! 🙂 I love the idea of the extended layover 🙂 I’d do the same, hehe. The Gay Pride Parade is awesome, from what I hear. I’m going to make the stew soon as well, I think. Getting hungry thinking about it. Thanks again for sharing your travel stories and looking forward to read more about your travels as well 🙂

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