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Getting ready for your next vacation – whether it’s a long-distance excursion, a cross-country road trip, a cruise, or even a weekend trip – is very exciting.Travel should be fun, but for some, it can sometimes be dreadful when experiencing travel sickness or lingering jet lag.

Having personally dealt with sickness on numerous plane trips (and feeling the lasting effects of jet lag), gotten car sick and sea sick, and feeling ill for the majority of a few, highly-anticipated trips, it’s painful to recall those times. When I was younger, motion sickness really took the fun out of travel, as well.

Luckily, there are ways to minimize sickness/jet lag, focus on healthy eating, and de-stressing while traveling. What can you do to ensure you stay well during your trip? How do you eat healthy, and how do you prepare (i.e. do you bring your own snacks, or carry OTC medications?) for a vacation? Do you research a destination before you go to make sure you’re prepared with proper immunizations (and things like malaria pills), if necessary? How do you stay fit while traveling? Do you do yoga from your hotel room? Ever gone on an exciting wellness retreat?


These are questions that we’ll consider during the next CultureTravChat with Special Guest, The Flying Carpet.

Our co-host this week is The Flying Carpet. The founder of The Flying Carpet ran a yoga studio in Manhattan, but found that many of her clients were so busy that they could only come 1-2 times a month. Some joked that she should stream live classes — and the idea was born! She’s going to operate the studio out of Madrid and stream live classes around the world as well as offering on-demand classes via a mobile app. She’s also offering really cool “JetLag Rx” classes that can be taken in person or via download to help frequent travelers get their bodies back on track. Check out the IndieGogo campaign for more details.

Join #CultureTravChat from 2:00-2:30 pm ET and share your travel experiences.

Q1. What is the best wellness destination around the world? #CultureTravChat
Q2. Do you research country health information before travel? (i.e. prep with vaccinations/malaria pills, pack medications, etc.) #CultureTravChat
Q3. How do you prevent jet lag quickly? 
Q4. Ever dealt with (extreme) sickness (for example: motion or altitude sickness) during travel? How did you cope? 
Q5. Do you eat healthy during travel? Ever learned words in the native language to express dietary restrictions? #CultureTravChat
Extra: Share a photo of a favorite traditional, foreign dish that is healthy. 
How do you stay active? What’s the best workout class you’ve taken while traveling? 
Q7. What/where was your favorite yoga/wellness retreat? 
BONUS – Share a picture of yourself staying fit in exotic places around the world. 


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