Revisiting Destinations

ORGANICDo you ever reminisce about a place you visited years ago? Do you get nostalgic thinking about specific moments during your travels? Do you know recognize the feeling of excitement and adventure of exploring somewhere new?

That feeling… when you walk around a new city and take in its history, its cultural footprint, its architecture, its rich food smells, impressions of complete strangers, and its daily life.

That’s the feeling I’d love to hear about in the upcoming #CultureTravChat.

With the New Year here, it’s a great time to reflect on travels past and inspire new travels. Do you have fun memories and intend to go back to a favorite spot? Share why this matters to you.

Join #CultureTravChat from 2:00-2:30 pm ET and tell us about your travel experiences and lasting impressions.


Q1. What makes certain destinations so memorable?
Q2. Share a picture from a favorite moment during travel to a special destination. Why is it memorable to you?
Q3. Where are the top 3 places you’d revisit, and why?
Q4. What does travel offer that makes you want to revisit?
Q5. How do you capture a moment to “revisit” after you’re home? Do you value offline/online moments more?
Q6. What specific cultural aspects did you admire about a place you’d like to revisit?


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