Holiday Travel: #CultureTravChat

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.53.59 PMMy favorite time of the year is about a week away: Christmas with my family. Over the years, where we’ve celebrated has varied. When we still lived in Europe, we would often either travel to Poland to visit my grandparents, or they would travel to us in Holland. Now, I travel to see my parents in North Carolina and we call our family members in Europe on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

However, no matter where we are, we continue celebrating our holiday traditions. The beautifully-decorated house fills with all types of delicious smells, as the kitchen counters get covered with different dishes – ranging from homemade pierogies to freshly-baked pies to authentic borscht soup. On Christmas Eve, we share traditional Polish meal(s) and exchange wishes. It’s also on Christmas Eve that we unwrap presents and indulge in some after-dinner treats.

As the holidays approach, I’m curious to hear from you about your own cultural traditions.
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Q1. Do you celebrate the holidays by traveling or do you stay at home? #CultureTravChat
Q2. What holiday traditions do you have? Got a pic? #CultureTravChat
Q3. Where are your favorite destinations for winter holiday travel? #CultureTravChat
Q4. Do you prepare a special, holiday meal? Share a photo! #CultureTravChat
Q5. What was the most interesting holiday tradition you observed abroad? #CultureTravChat
Q6. Which foreign holiday traditions do you wish you could bring back home (wherever home is, for you)? (Pic?) #CultureTravChat


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