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IMG_0675We’ve all been there. That moment when… the sun sets beautifully, the light falls perfectly to create a neat shape on a building, or when you catch a friend or family member in mid-laugh. A photograph can speak volumes. It can capture a memory, it can connect you to a scene instantly, and it has a lasting power. Because when you look at the photo, you’re reminded of that “frozen” moment in time. When you photograph your favorite dish, or a family event, a complete stranger, your dog making a silly face, or interesting architecture during your travels, you keep part of that memory.

Photography remains one of my favorite activities, yet I need to make more time for it – the “real” photography, anyway. The kind where you step outside with just a coat, wallet, phone, digital camera, and a lens, and choose your next photo adventure. Nowadays, it’s easy to quickly snap a picture with a (smart)phone and instantly share it with all, near and far. But, there’s something much more raw and wonderful about being out there with a camera.

IMG_0089When I first moved to New York, I would often go on photo walks – either by myself in Central Park or with a meetup group of fellow photographers I found online. Through this group, I was excited to later be able to exhibit some of my own photos at a Soho Gallery!

One photo walk took us across the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ll never forget the cold wind across our faces with the backdrop of New York City and Brooklyn. Something about looking at that skyline was instantly invigorating. Just thinking about that walk is inspiring me to bring out my camera again soon!

Photography During Travel: Twitter Chat

For this week’s 2 pm (ET) #CultureTravChat on Thursday (Dec. 11), I’d like to focus on Photography During Travel. I’d love to hear from you if you enjoy photography and what you think photography brings to travel. How does a photograph capture culture? Why do you enjoy photography while traveling? How do you deal with any cultural sensitivities or issues while photographing in another country?

You can learn more about the format and background via the following page: CultureTravChat.

Here are the questions to help you prepare:

Q1. Share why you love photography (especially while traveling). #CultureTravChat

Q2. How can a photo capture the culture of a country? (Got a pic?) #CultureTravChat

Q3. Why is photography so important in our world? To document? Capture a moment? #CultureTravChat

Q4. Share a photo of your favorite travel moment in which you felt immersed in a culture. #CultureTravChat

Q5. Do you prepare for travel photography by reading about a country’s customs/norms? #CultureTravChat

Q6. Have you ever dealt with a situation in which someone was upset by being photographed while you were abroad?

Q7. What do you prefer to photograph during travel? People? Places? Food? Got a pic? #CultureTravChat

Q8. Do you bring a camera or rely on a smartphone to capture travel moments? #CultureTravChat

Hope you can join on Thursday, December 11, at 2 pm (ET)!

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