#CultureTravChat on Thursday, 11/20!

CultureTravChatHope everyone is having a great week so far!

I really enjoyed chatting with many of you during last week’s first ever #CultureTravChat. I can’t wait to hear your perspectives in the next chat. Why did I start this chat? To hear how you and fellow travelers (expert travelers, nomads, expats, and those who enjoy traveling for fun and with family/partners and friends) personally experience everything it has to offer. How you embrace cultural differences, learn from other cultures, develop new friendships while on the road, and so much more.


  • Thursday, November 20
  • 7:30-8:30 am ET (NY)
  • Hashtag: #CultureTravChat

Easy Steps to Join:

  1. Follow @nicolette_o and the #CultureTravChat hashtag for (new) chat announcements.
  2. Use the hashtag in each tweet, that way others can always see your valuable tips (even when the chat ends)!
  3. Feel free to invite friends/family to join, and RT anything you find interesting.
  4. Check out the Facebook Page for other chats, photos & fun!

If you have questions or (future) topic suggestions, please tweet me directly or leave a comment on the blog.

Prep for the Chat: 

Here are the questions for this week’s topic: Foreign Languages

Q1: How many languages do you speak? #CultureTravChat

Q2: Tell us a story where language failed you. Was it funny? Scary? Frustrating? How did you deal? #CultureTravChat

Q3: What advice would you share when traveling somewhere where you don’t know the language? #CultureTravChat

Q4: How do you prepare for travel when it comes to learning a foreign language? Do you study it? #CultureTravChat

Q5: What’s your preferred way of learning a foreign language? #CultureTravChat

Q6: Have you ever needed to draw/gesture to convey a message in a foreign language? (Got a pic?) #CultureTravChat

Q7: Do you ever practice a language with locals while traveling? How do you strike up a conversation? #CultureTravChat

Q8: Which language(s) would you learn if time were not a factor?

BONUS: Ever seen a funny typo in a foreign language (as a result of direct translation)? Share a pic! #CultureTravChat

I’m looking forward to hearing from you on Thursday!

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