#CultureTravChat Begins Tomorrow, 11/13!


Hi all,

I’m very excited to start the first ever #CultureTravChat tomorrow!

The goal is simple: to hear perspectives/advice from fellow travelers to excite others to travel more! I’ve always enjoyed hearing how people personally experience travel – from dissecting cultural similarities and differences, bridging any gaps with humor, trying new things (new cuisines), developing friendships during travel, and much more. 

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, a nomad, an expat, enjoy traveling alone or with family/friends, or even just leisurely travel, I’m sure you have some great tips to share. We all experience travel differently, and can learn more each other.


  • Thursday, November 13
  • 7:30-8:00 am ET
  • Hashtag: #CultureTravChat

Easy Steps to Join:

  1. Follow @nicolette_o and the #CultureTravChat hashtag for chat announcements/questions.
  2. Use the hashtag in each tweet you contribute, that way others can always see your valuable tips (even after the chat is over)!
  3. Feel free to talk with others who contribute their tips, invite friends/family to join, and RT anything you personally find interesting. I’d love for this chat to be as engaging as possible!

If you have any questions or additional (future) topic suggestions, please tweet me directly or leave a comment on the blog.

Prep for the Chat: 

Here are the questions for this week’s topic: Travel (Life) Lessons

Q1: What has travel taught you about life? #CultureTravChat #travel

Q2: Tell us about your favorite travel lesson. What sticks with you to this day? #CultureTravChat

Q3: What’s a surprising life lesson you’ve learned from travel? #CultureTravChat

Q4: Which new things have you tried while traveling? #CultureTravChat

Q5: What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten before traveling somewhere? #CultureTravChat

Q6: How can we share travel lessons with our friends and family (and kids)? #CultureTravChat

BONUS: Share a picture of one of your favorite travel moments. Why was it so special? #CultureTravChat

I’m looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow!

Let us know what you think