iWish 2014 Videos: Personal Empowerment

As the videos keep streaming in, I want to share the next few inspiring wishes.

I urge everyone who is thinking about submitting to just do it (sorry, Nike)! This project is open to everyone, everywhere. The goal is to give people a voice and opportunity to speak about positive change in 2014.

All it takes is one wish, 30 seconds, and a phone/computer to record it on! Keep the submissions coming via iwish2014project@gmail.com

When you share your video, or link about the project to friends, please use #iWish2014 on social media! One hashtag for one unifying project.

Thanks to everyone who has already submitted a video! Don’t worry! I’ll be posting your wishes soon.

Now…let’s get to the wishes! These two women are looking to accomplish personal goals by pushing full steam ahead.

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