Reflections on 2013

Happy New Year! It’s a few days into 2014 and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2013. W2014hat a year it was. Like any year, 2013 had its ups and downs. For me, it was full of adventures in NYC, new connections (both in the city and online via social media) and memories with friends and family – near and far.

Personal Highlights of 2013:

  • Time spent with family. Family is there for you no matter what. Cherish moments spent together and make an effort to keep in touch – even if your family isn’t nearby geographically, they’re with you in spirit.
  • New friendships and great conversations with strangers. If you have a New Year’s resolution to explore a new hobby or dive deeper into an existing passion with like-minded people, I highly recommend joining I’ve met foreigners, Americans and native New Yorkers alike, by attending different group events for photography, travel, socializing and social media/marketing networking. 2014 will be full of these types of events!
  • Exploring NYC by foot. Going for a run or creating photo walks across the city are both free and great ways to explore and get exercise. Check my highlights here and here and here.
  • Running 2 5Ks with friends. I was never much of a runner (though I loved field hockey throughout high school), and it was a great feeling to be able to complete those 2 5Ks. I predict more variety in exercise/running in 2014!
  • A photo exhibition in Soho in April 2013 where I was able to showcase original works alongside other talented photographers.
  • Traveling to Europe to visit family and friends in the summer. Vacation time is limited, so I was happy to see close relatives (particularly my Polish grandparents) even if for a little while. Travel enriches you in the best possible way with its exposure to new people, cultures, traditions and lifestyles.
  • Attending ballet performances and amazing shows featuring renowned stars such as Alan Cumming, Faith Prince and Jennifer Holliday (more on Holliday in an upcoming post). Music has always played a role in my life, and I hope to embrace it even more through ballet, opera, musicals, individual performances, concerts, etc. Neil Young at Carnegie Hall will be a great start on January 6th!

I’m thankful for the unconditional love and support from my family and friends. It means a lot to be surrounded with positive influences who cheer you on and can also give you tough love, or share great advice. I owe so much to my support “system,” and wouldn’t have it any other way. Special love to my wonderful parents!

Here’s to an incredible 2014 full of happy moments with family, long-lasting friendships, love, success at work, travel opportunities, and good health.

I’m launching an exciting, new (video) project very soon. Stay tuned for details on this project early next week to see how you could help!

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