A Walk In the North Woods of Central Park

NYC is the epitome of constant movement, culture, and liveliness. While it’s great to live in a city that energizes you, everyone needs a little R&R every now and then.

photo 1Nature has a very quiet and relaxing effect that many people can enjoy. Since moving to NYC (and even before living in the city), I’ve been to Central Park many times, but in more popular areas including around the Bethesda Fountain, Loeb Boathouse and The Reservoir, and more.

I recently took a walk in the park starting at Central Park North (see map below: 110th street). As you’re moving away from the busy streets, you become slowly engulfed by nature. And, above all else: complete silence. data=Ay5GWBeob_WIPLDYoIWcfVXxvZu9XwJ55OX7Ag,gyPKuqAPuvo5N3zkuURF3Y__z-99Rqwu4IgU9N8oeYqrAIUZEqNgVMaxEtpFxmF3YatLai5dg9sazt_JhiKJIu3WxFXSnW5k5g0Al9tPpnqGB_fI8fE-r3hwqOguogN0aTLlGTDi1SPrMwwZkkd5h_4OOprwrKxj4lwtmi9vj

One of the busiest cities in the world suddenly transforms into a peaceful retreat. The only sounds you faintly hear are of birds chirping, water lightly cascading from small waterfalls, and of the wind rustling.

photo 4 copyThe official Central Park website, which describes this particular section of the park as “perhaps the most secluded and peaceful,” also adds that, “the North Woods offers a taste of the Adirondack Mountains just a few subway stops away from Times Square.”

photo 3Walks in the park are usually pensive ones for me, wherein I reconnect with happy childhood memories. I think that’s one of the best qualities of being outdoors – its ability to transport you. Growing up, my family was very active through sports, walks in the park, enjoying nice weather with family by the water, or hiking high up in the Polish Tatra Mountains.


photoHow do you connect with nature? Do walks stir up memories for you? Where do you enjoy hiking or walking? How does travel allow you to engage with nature?

3 thoughts on “A Walk In the North Woods of Central Park

  1. I love big cities with their never ending, pulsating energy and people from all walks of life. Some of my great travel memories are associated with cities, their flavors and colors.

    Probably I appreciate them that much as they counterbalance my attachment to nature. While one boosts my energy, the other keeps me sane, centered and in touch with myself!

    Some of my nature walks bring back memories, others create some unforgettable new ones. The Schottish Highlands vistas, the rugged Alps, the sprawling soft hills of Tuscany, the Spain’s red rich soil will remain ingrained in my mind for sure! There are so many other landscapes that “ring a bell” but it’s virtually not possible to list them and not became tedious in the process.

    A few more have special meaning to me because of the shared experience with my travel companions and because those US locations/landscapes brought an additional dimension to my memories – a sensory one!

    If you haven’t smelled giant sequoias in the Sequoia National Park, put it on your bucket list! If you want nature give you a sense of unlimited freedom – search for it in the Big Sky Country, head to Montana. While there I would stop in the middle of a highway (heavy traffic is a foreign concept in MT) and just look around in disbelieve – mountains all over you, all over! But the best of it all was a smell…
    Early morning ride and a sage bushes brushing against the horse’s legs. Nature at its best…

    Hope that people will learn and remain respectful of the natural gifts we have within our reach. For me nature means beauty, balance, health, spiritual experience, peace and quiet. Priceless!

    1. Thank you for sharing! Sounds like we have a similar appreciation for the beauty, tranquility and peace that nature (no matter where you are) gives. Great perspective on travel and how in addition to taking in nature, you also got a sensory overload! I often associate happy childhood memories with smells of food, favorite hobbies (horseback riding as well!) and shared experiences with family or friends.

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