An Homage to Boston: Six Years

mg_2253.jpgMuch can happen in six years. Six years of my life were in Boston – four of which at Emerson College.  People will tell you that college is an experience like no other in your life, and they are absolutely right. While in college, you meet friends from all over the world who teach you about yourself, about other cultures, and encourage you on your path to success. You learn and prepare for a career through hard work, dedication and for many, through sleepless nights.

What Boston Means To Me

If you’re lucky, your college is in a great city that will always resonate with you. Boston certainly had that impact on me. The city symbolizes six years of learning, developing long-term friendships, exploring what I love, and expanding my horizons. While I left Boston for New York six months ago, memories of it haven’t faded. It’s easy to reminisce with friends and family about walks through the Boston Common and Public Gardens, indulging in cheesecake and Italian delicacies in the North End, fun brunches in the South End, browsing shops and people-watching on Newbury and Hynes Convention Center, many hours at Emerson College’s radio stations and TV station, and the list of goes on.

“BREAKING NEWS Monday, April 15, 2013 4:29 PM EDT
Two Dead and at Least Two Dozen Hurt in Boston Marathon Blasts” 

mg_2253.jpgA headline I will never forget. An unfathomable series of events in the city I once considered home.

Reports streamed in of multiple explosions occurring in Copley Square on Marathon Monday/Patriots’ Day.  Patriots’ Day has a special meaning for Boston residents and their deeply rooted patriotism. Marathon Monday usually brings a fun day with family and friends, and for those who traveled near and far (internationally, too). Instead, innocent people were victims of an attempt to ruin that happy spirit.

Explosions hit Boylston Street – one of Boston’s most popular streets. I’ve walked across Boylston many times to, and from, campus. There was an unmistakable wind that hit you as you approached Copley Square any time of year, but the breeze felt best in the early summer. Tourists, regular visitors, and other college students can likely attest to the bustling crowds by Copley Square.

The Recovery Begins

Words escape me as I think about today. Earlier reports and social media posts portrayed the streets as filled with sheer horror, panic, and confusion. A scene one might see in a war zone – something once unimaginable in Boston. Whenever you hear about bombings, you often don’t envision it could happen in your backyard. After all, these events can only occur where there is conflict, where there is a deep-seated hate. Today it hit a piece of home, and I’m left with a heavy feeling.

If anything positive at all, these terrifying events show how strong Boston residents are. The overwhelming outpouring of support and unison among Bostonians seems unparalleled, which doesn’t surprise me.

img_22071.jpgAs President Barack Obama said, “Boston is a tough and resilient town, so are its people. I am supremely confident that Bostonians will pull together, take care of each other and move forward as one proud city and as they do, the American people will be with them every single step of the way.”

May those who lost loved ones get some rest and peace, and may Boston return stronger than ever. Boston, you were my home for six amazing years, and part of you will always be with me. 


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