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Places I’ve visited.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller 

Everyone has a “bucket list” of things to do or places to visit. People travel to see the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramid of Giza, or the Colosseum. Others enjoy exploring within their own countries.

Below, I’ve shared a list of ideal travel destinations. This list might be broad, but I had a difficult time “limiting” selections! There is much to explore. Every country has an interesting footprint  – unique offerings, history or culture.

World Travel

  1. Travel more within Europe/UK – Vienna, Prague, Athens (Parthenon) & Santorini, Scandinavian countries (Norwegian Fjords), Ireland. See Versailles, return to Paris.
  2. Bike from North to South in The Netherlands. Holland is known for its extensive bike paths, and it is simply a way of life to bike from one destination to another.
  3. Return to Morskie Oko/Zakopane in Poland.  Zakopane has sentimental value to me as I often visited there with my grandparents and parents as a child.
  4. Revisit Iceland and explore the landscape. Mom and I once had a layover there, and walked around for hours, but it wasn’t enough time.
  5. Though I get cold easily cruising through Antarctica would be incredible.
  6. Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and travel through Australia.
  7. Hike throughout New Zealand.
  8. Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated with sharks. Seeing great whites in Cape Town, South Africa would be a dream.
  9. Visit India, Japan, and Thailand.
  10. See the Great Wall of China.
  11. Go on safari in Kenya.
  12. Visit the Serengeti, Tanzania.
  13. Zip line/Hike in the Amazon.
  14. Relax in Hawaii/Maui or Costa Rica.
  15. Explore ancient ruins at Machu Picchu.
  16. Visit the Galapagos Islands.
  17. Travel through South/Central America.

North America

For an overview of cities/states, this website provides interesting information of “must-sees” and trip ideas.

  1. Take a road trip throughout the U.S.
  2. See the Grand Canyon.
  3. Cities to see: New Orleans (Mardi Gras), Chicago, Minneapolis, etc.
  4. Explore the Western US more – Oregon, return to Montana, Arizona, Utah, Alaska, etc.
  5. Travel in the Midwest.
  6. Hike the Appalachian trail.
  7. Revisit San Francisco/Napa/Sonoma.
  8. Ride with a storm chaser.


Do you have a bucket list? Where would you go?

8 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List

  1. You have the same list as me! Except #9 – I have been to Japan & Thailand but not India yet. And #14-17 I have already been fortunate to visit or going this year! I love bucket lists! They allow us to dream and plan and set goals to make them happen! =D

    1. That’s great! I love them, too, and other people’s lists are really inspiring! I had a difficult time narrowing it down! There is so much to see.

  2. My bucket list keeps getting longer and I am so aware of how finite our time is. Which is why I’m ticking one of those things of my list next year. Trekking in the Himalayas – just another few dozen places to see after that 🙂

    1. Exactly! Time is finite and we have to grab opportunities as they come. I had difficulty narrowing down the list! I can see that as you travel more, it would keep expanding! Good luck once again for the big hike!

  3. Hi Globetrotter! Thank you for sharing where your dream destinations are! Skydiving and snorkeling seem great adventures. I especially loved your point on the personal “terroir.”

  4. Wow, quite a travel bucket list! But if we dream, we can or probably should dream big. Thank you for allowing me to escape the daily routine and to “get going places” again, this time from my couch…

    Surprisingly, many of your dream destinations are on my list too. Especially Japan and China (but outside the big cities), New Zealand and Australia.
    The places where we would never meet are Antarctica (it might be too vast and depressing for me), and a ride with a storm chaser. After some thrilling sport experiences such as skydiving in Europe and snorkeling too close to coral reef in Grand Cayman, I think that I got to know how adrenaline feels and that I could handle it.

    I am now more interested in other people, their lives and their personal “terroir”. No terror, but paraphrasing a term from the world of wine, their “soil”/ever changing environment of their geographic and cultural background that makes each person, each nation, each member of a given group rooted in the same, but so different.

  5. I vote for the road trip through the US. I’ve always dreamed of renting one those RVs and traveling across the country for a summer. When I was 9, we drove to Florida from MA down the old Rt.1 as I-95 didn’t exist yet. VERY cool watching the landscape change, listening to radio stations from other states (APE, the big Ape!), finding the South of the Border pink dump of a motel (at least back then) after 200 miles of billboards, seeing the cotton fields, moss on the trees in GA and the first palm tree in Jacksonsville. Really gave me the bug!

    The bike riding through Holland sounds very cool.

    My mother nagged my dad for 5 years to go to Europe. They finally went. After that, you couldn’t stop them! Europe, Norway, and China as well as the Canadian Rockies.

    My dream? Lose 10 lbs and then go to Italy, rent a villa for a month and just EAT!

    1. Wow! Your own road trip sounds really fun! This country has a lot to offer that I think some Americans can occasionally overlook. Such a vast landscape with mountains, lakes, beaches, cities and small towns with great histories! I’m glad your parents traveled extensively – it would be lovely to see the world when you have more time to explore!

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